Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I turned 26. And it sucks. I was preparing myself for this day believing that I would write down everything I had accomplished in the first half of my 20's - travelling to europe, graduating from law school, passing the bar. But the truth is that I am just dreading being old. And I am grumpy about it and everyone is irritated with me for not wanting to celebrate. But i dont. I just need to spend the day accepting that I am old.

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  1. Katy-
    Well I hope you ended up having a happy birthday. You are not old lady, you are about to start some amazing chapters of your life. I am not a huge birthday celebrater---but I love them anyhow because not everyone is lucky enough to be alive to have their birthdays. I hope that things year is a great one for you and I read the post below and really enjoyed your blog. AND>......I AM YOUR FIRST FOLLOWER! YAY ME!

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