Monday, April 29, 2013

Peace about the Future

There's a fine line between planning and worry -- and goodness knows, I have not mastered it.  I tend to be a big planner, very thoughtful, prepared, but I also worry....and Dave and I have stressed about where we will be living next year and what our life plans are.  And the bad news is we still don't know, and the good news is that I think we are finally on the same page about what we want.

Sunday the sermon was on peace -- finding peace despite worry, trials, suffering, etc. He emphasized that peace wasn't the absence of worry, stress, trials, etc, it was the presence of Jesus in it. So true. and I am glad to hear him say it -- because I think a lot of times people make it sound like if you are stressed or hurt or worried, you aren't trusting or content.  I think its those feelings of worry and stress that drive you to Jesus.

And we are stressed and we do worry, but at the same time, I think we are LEARNING to be at Peace with uncertainty.  (The good thing about being a couple is that when he is doubting, I can usually be strong, and vice versa...rarely are we both negative at the same time!)

A good family friend who knows our stress totaly called us out after the sermon, saying "What a good sermon for everyone to hear" --wink wink -- IE, you two needed to hear this (It's okay, she's like my mom, so she can call us out on it!) And its true, Dave and I needed to hear that sermon and remember to depend on the Lord for our Peace in the meantime.

I am also so thankful that Dave and I currently only related to the WORRY part of the sermon on peace.  By God's grace, we aren't struggling through illness, death, suffering, just the anxiety that comes from wondering where God will take us.  And that is a huge blessing, as I know many people in the church probably related to the sermon because they are facing really HARD times.  But, I know those times will come, and I think that times of stress and worry prepare you to deal with those really hard times in life.

and God has been so good to us, isn't it funny how we, as humans, continue to struggle with trusting Him with the outcome?  The Lord will OF COURSE take care of us, of you, etc....

I've learned to deal with worry, uncertainty and rough times. What I am about to share is not ALL BIBLICAL advice, some is just practical advice...

(1) Look to God's faithfulness in the past.  He brings you through rough times, He has provided (in His timing).  As the preacher said - our scars are a testimony to God's faithfulness.  Goodness knows, even this year, God has brought my family through far worse than a little job search.

(2) Plan and hope for what you can.  This isn't biblical, per se, but I have just learned that feeling like some things are certain is a good thing.... Ask any mom whose waited for kids, she probably already has names picked out or a nursury.  Ask any single girl about her wedding and she knows.  Not because their emphasis is on silly things like nursury decorations or floral arrangements...its because when you can't plan when or who, you can plan small things.  Dave and I do that all the time -- talk about how when we are finally married, we will make pancakes on Saturday mornings or go biking in the evenings or take weekend trips.  I can't plan where we will live or what our jobs will be or even how we will set up our home, but we sure can plan on traditions and activities!

(3) Remind yourself that there is a plan.  I know in the past, in times of worry, I was upset because I felt there was no plan. Even if the plan isn't my plan, I find comfort in knowing there is a plan.   But, nothing is a surprise to God.  He has a plan.  I have learned to find comfort in reminding myself that God knows what is going on.

(4) Don't waste the "in the meantime"    This is clear enough.  While waiting for an answer, keep life busy.  Take advantage of your free time.

(5) Take a break.  Seriously, some days can't be spent planning and worrying.  Yesterday Dave and I met his parents for lunch and then went to the movies with my sister Ansley.  We went shopping, picked up dinner and watched TV.  After a week of final juries for him, moving for me, and jobhunting, we needed a break.

(6) Gratefulness.  It's a lot easier to have peace when you focus on the many things you have! No matter where we live after marriage, I will be with Dave-- so really, its hard to complain when I focus on that!  Also, Dave is graduating in one of the worst fields right now - so tough to get a job in architecture, BUT he continues to receive interest, which many of his classmates are not receiving.  We are so grateful for that!!

(7) Find someone else who is waiting.  The next several years of my sister's life is a little uncertain.   They know that they will be trying to get into graduate schools, etc. -- and that means most likely, moving.  I think that we have been able to be of some comfort to eachother because we relate.  Likewise, while waiting for Dave to make his appearance, I always related to women waiting on babies.  It also helps you take the focus off yourself.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Show Us Your Life: life of a 20something

I am connecting up with Kelly's Korner today for her friday linkup, SHOW US YOUR LIFE series.  Today the linkup is for 20somethings without kids.... I wish this had been earlier because I will only be a 20something for 9 more months ....

But, without a doubt, the 20s are great, way better than high school and even better than college (and I liked college, mostly!)  The 20s are full of challenges and growing up and if you are single, you don't have someone to "grow up" with, but at the same time it's kindof empowering to grow up on your own and make a life on your own!

Here's a little about me: I am a lawyer in MS and I love family, college football, friends, my church, travelling, Lilly Pulitzer, Navy, Green, all things preppy, running, pedicures, watermelon, margaritas, parties, holidays and costumes! I love Auburn and Ole Miss and DC is my favorite city. I used to love politics but got tired of it, but my goal is to get back into it again soon. Adoption has always had a special place in my heart and I hope one day to get into adoption work, or atleast child advocacy. 

I have great parents, 2 amazing sisters, a brother, a brother in law and one nephew....isn't he adorable?

I've had this blog for a couple years because I wanted to blog about adulthood without the husband and kids (since many blogs are mommy blogs)  I felt like someone should be honest about the good and bad of life in your 20s, and for the most part, I have tried to do that!  I blog about dating, singleness, struggles as well as fashion, cooking (yes I am attempting to learn!), etc In fact, I hope to keep blogging about some of these same single lady topics even when I am married. 

When I was 27, I met this sweet fellow (Dave) and we've been pretty inseperable ever since....and I am marrying him in 2 months! He's a soon to be architect and we are eager to find out where God is taking us, but I trust He will provide for us wherever we move.  I'm torn: part of me would love to stay in Jackson, but part of me is eager for an adventure with Dave!

Anyways, as my 20s are winding down, I am sad, but not to0 sad -- the 30s sound great!   By the end of your 20s, you are more confident in who you are and more settled and its nice. 

Here are my suggestions for your 20s:

1. Be adventurous.... this is the time to travel, go to school, volunteer, etc. Single or Married, enjoy these things before kids, because while you can still have adventure afterwards, most mommies will tell you it takes more planning and work!

2. But lay down some roots....I am convinced that what 20s miss the most is a feeling of being settled.  Adventure is only so fun, so make sure you settle down-- settling down may just mean making some friends, picking a church home and establishing community.  It may mean regular trips to see your family, etc.  It may mean a job.  You don't have to buy a house or get married to be settled, but make sure by your mid to late 20s you have some routine in your life!

3. Give yourself grace-- you won't be amazing at your job yet, you wont make tons of money, you won't always know the answer,  you still need advice from family,'s not like Sex and the City or Friends.  You don't have your life together so quickly into adulthood. Accept that and be gracious to yourself.

4.  Give others grace.  They're still figuring out life too.

5. Expand your circles!! The best thing about my 20s are without a doubt, the friends I made.  I just decided to get involved-- join a bible study, say yes to almost every invitation (at first, not as much now that I am settled), host wine nights, etc AND give all types of people a chance.  I feel my group of freinds is pretty varied for a small Jackson town.  I know tons of different types of people and I am blessed by that.

6. Say yes to almost every date. SERIOUSLY. unless he is a bad guy.  If you don't think the guy is "your type", say yes.  If he's not super cute, say yes.  If he doesn't meet whatever checklist you have, say yes.  Why? Because you never know who you will hit it off with.  You might be surprised.  I am certainly not suggesting you settle, but I also think that giving different guys a chance is a good thing.  I am so not a country girl but I fell in love with a country happens :)

7. Try new things.  I just started playing tennis.  I am pretty bad at it. Seriously.  Everyone on my team is a beginner. But it's fun and its something I always wanted to do.  I ran a half marathon (and trained for a full but couldn't run it due to a conflict--- so I still plan on doing that, see? keep trying new things even when you are - gulp- near 30!)

8. Learn to cook. Seriously. You don't want to eat take out forever. 

9. If you want to meet a nice guy, don't be ashamed to hope for that.  Seriously, people don't shame women for hoping to get pregnant or shame people for hoping to get into med school, but mention that you hope to get married and you'll get a lecture on "lacking contentment" Enjoy your life, be thankful for the blessings you have but keep on hoping to meet a nice guy!

10. ENJOY YOUR ENERGY!! Seriously, you will never have this much energy again.  As your 20s wind down, you will see what I mean.  I used to go to Kareoke until midnight and get up for work at 530.  I'd have a long run scheduled for early Saturday morning yet manage to go out til 2 on Friday.  Now, if I do that, I hate life the next day.  So, work out, travel and get jet lag, stay up late on a monday night...enjoy your youth :)

ENJOY YOUR 20s!! I sure have!


This week I moved out of my house in Jackson, and despite the fact that I am so so so thrilled to marry Dave in 2 months, I would be lying if I didn't say I teared up a bit.  Jackson has been good to me, Belhaven has been good to me and those roomies and friends have been good to me.

Law School was a very hard time for me.  I had a few friends but nothing nearly as concrete as my friend groups here in Jackson.  I was still recovering from an ended relationship and well, I was in law school, which is a lot of work!! I really didn't enjoy life then.

But Jackson was the completely different! I ended up here by default. It wasn't my first choice but I found a home and community and was involved.

I did not want to be single in my mid 20s but if you are going to be single, you might as well do it right.  And boy did we...  themed parties, wine nights, fun dates, bad dates, late night chats, chick flicks, ole miss games, trips, walks, etc.  Some of us have gotten married, some are in serious relationships, some aresingle -- but we remain good friends, because we actually were like substitute family for eachother.

As we were leaving, my mom said, "these were happy years for you" -- and they really were.  While I think if all of us were honest, we would have to admit that we always still wanted to meet the right guy, we were happy.  I felt like I was living life to its fullest.  Sure, there was a lot I wanted to change, but my life was still full of blessings.

I know as I am typing this that there are some people reading it and saying, "see singleness isn't that bad"  And the truth is that its still very frustrating.  It's still dissapointment after bad dates and worrying about meeting someone and breakups and lonely nights and concern over who should be your plus one. and feeling left behind....  I don't want to downplay the really hard parts...because they are hard!

But, at the same time, there are some really happy parts.  I know that wherever we move, I will likely not have a group of friends like this ever again.  We were able to totally become involved in eachother's lives.  We were the ones you sipped wine with after a breakup and the ones you went to dinner with  to celebrate your promotion....And that was such a blessing.

And although having roomies can drive you crazy at times (and trust me there were plenty of times when I was mad!), I think its also good preparation for marriage as you learn to hold your toungue, speak kindly, be patient and solve conflict.  (note: you sometimes learn from failing at these things!)  And you also get to know some really great girls.

As excited as I am to get a more permenant roomate in just a couple months, I am slightly sad to be out of the phase of life where I lived with girls and spent so much time with girls.  Sure, it had its moments of drama, but it was also so much fun.

I think I lost a lot in being single in my 20s, but I also gained a lot too.  Fabulous friends and great roomies was one of those things!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Mexican Fiesta Couples Shower

This past weekend, we had another fun party which I promise to post about soon (I actually have to post about all 3 parties, so maybe that will be part of my weekend plans now that I have moved and things are settling together!)

It was a lovely party and I got to wear my favorite dress from my Trousseau  (JUST KIDDING, I don't actually have a Trousseau, but a friend of mine referred to her wedding shower attire as her trousseau so I thought I would try, but lets face it, I am not nearly fancy enough for such language!!)  For those of you who aren't southern, a Trousseau was a term to refer to the clothing, linens and accessories a bride's family provided her for her wedding and marriage. You're welcome for your history lesson.

Anyways, as I said, it was probably my favorite party dress I bought so it was fun to wear it --AND I love Lilly.... and despite the drop in temp, I was determined to wear it, so I dug deep, wore a bright pink cardigan and rocked my Lilly dress. (RIP Lilly) You can check out other bloggers' outfits here....

But, seriously, don't Lilly dresses make you feel like you should be walking barefoot on a beach or sipping margs on a deck? 

Here's a picture of me with my mom and one of the hostesses and family friend, Glynda.  I guess my mom was talking when this picture was taken.
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (on sale at Ruelala, of course!)
Belt: On sale at Belks
Shoes: BCBG
Earrings: Simple Joys (seriously, do I ever wear any other earrings than these?)

Other small update: I am moved out of my house in Jackson and settling in to my new life of lifting weights (flabby wedding arms ughhh), thank you note writing and actually going to bed early (here's hoping!!)  And Dave has final juries on his thesis this weekend, so if you're feeling kind, please say a prayer. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I read these online and thought I would share!  These are rules that skinny people follow (according to Bob Harper off the Biggest Loser) I highlighted some of the ones that I need to work on...some are easy to fix: I like berries, I just never buy them but I could easilly eat more of them!  Banishing high salt foods?  you mean like my weekly sushi fix??? eek!! I may have to research low salt sushi!

I very much agree with the cooking your meals at home plan.  I used to cook most nights but haven't these past few weeks due to moving and I feel sluggish.  I am moving to my parents house tomorrow and can't wait to start cooking again instead of picking things up for dinner or making sandwiches!

What about you? Find any good new rules?
1) Drink one large glass of water before every meal - no excuses!
2) Don't drink your calories (basically, avoid lattes and sodas and juices because they pack a lot of calories)
3) Eat protein at every meal (to keep you full)
4) Slash intake of refined flour and replace it with whole grains
5) Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber a day to keep your digestive system moving
6) Eat apples and berries every single day (for the nutrients and fiber)
7) No carbs after lunch (because carbs are primarily for energy, so if you eat them for dinner and don't workout after dinner, they could compel your body to store fat).
8) Learn to read food labels
9) Stop guessing portion sizes
10) No more added sweeteners (because it wets your palate for sweet-tasting foods)11) Make one day a week meatless
12) No white potatoes
13) No fast food or fried food
14) Eat a real breakfast (to jump start your metabolism)
15) Eat at least 10 meals a week at home (basically, cook more)
16) Banish high-salt foods
17) Eat your vegetables!
18) Go to bed hungry (stop eating about 3 hours before you go to bed, that way two hours into sleep your body will start burning fat stores)
19) Make sure you sleep enough and that your sleep is quality, because it will really help you lose weight and give you energy for exercise.
20) Plan one splurge meal a week where you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want, but only one meal.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Engagement Pictures!

Here are some of our engagement pics.  For the most part, we loved them! I love that they were taking in Dave's hometown! 

You can see them all on a little video here... just click on the Katy and Dave client Gallery.  This video will only be up for a month.

By the way, isn't my fiance just the cutest?? A lot of times we see eachother at night when hes in jeans and a t shirt and I've been at tennis or put sweatpants it was to fun to see him dressed cute for pics.  I get to marry this man in 71 days!! :) But who's counting right??

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I wore Wednesday: PARTIES

I have tons to share: 2 parties and engagement pics etc...and hopefully later this week I will, but things are kindof busy around here...3 parties in 6 days (it just worked out that most of our showers and parties ended up being all at once which is fun but crazy busy), an baby shower in Church Hill for Dave's sister, packing and moving out of my house by next week and Dave is still finishing up classes and thesis and looking for a job (I hardly see that lil boogar!)

So if updates are lacking, I am sorry :(  Here is a quick "What I Wore Wednesday" from this past weekend...)

Check out other outfits here.

(1) shower with friends

Dress: BB Dakota (from Zappos)
Neclace: The Blue Door Boutique
Belt: Banana Republic
Earrings: Simple Joys
Shoes (not picture): Madden Girl
Sweater: basic gap white cardigan!
(2) Engagement Party

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (from Rue la la sale)
Shoes: hand me downs from mom (apparently they looked too young for her)
neclace: borrowed from mom
earrings: simple joys

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

having no choice.....

One of the best blog posts I have ever really should make us, as believers, evaluate how we treat pregnant women.  Don't get me wrong, I believe abortion is wrong, I don't believe in a feminist agenda and "pro choice" and fetuses not being seen as babies.  But, you know what? I don't think many young women are pro choice feminists.  I think they feel they have no choice....and sadly, I think they feel alone and like they don't have a choice because we (myself included) fail them.

I do think things are improving though.  I do think there are a lot of Christians opening their churches and their arms for lost women, unplanned babies, recovering alcoholics, former drug addicts, those struggling with sins and consequences of sins, etc...which warms my heart because we are all sinners and the church should be a place where sinners come.

Here's some exerpts from the blog post...

Abortion isn’t so much about a woman having choice — but a woman feeling like she has no choice.
We all get to decide that — between erasing sin and embracing grace. One’s impossible — and the other makes everything possible. When we’re all about the best looking good instead of the broken living grace, some don’t think they can take the shame. Some take an appointment. We can shame a woman for getting pregnant and we can shame her for aborting that baby but it’s shame for sin that bullies into further sin and what if instead of shaming, we weren’t ashamed of the Gospel of extravagant Grace?

Grace isn’t ever a paltry thing — Grace is always the very power of God. Grace never negates obedience. Grace always initiates obedience.Shame bullies and grace shields and when you are covered in grace you uncover hope.
For Christ followers, it’s more than being pro-choice and pro-life — it’s about always being pro-the-least-of-these.

The abortion debate draws women and children as unexpected enemies; the Gospel defends both as unexpectedly vulnerable.
The abortion debate offers that a woman is ultimately responsible alone for her child; the Gospel offers that no woman is ever alone and the Body of Christ is response-able to both woman and child.

The abortion debate is not so much about how we can somehow change the law, but right now change how we love. To have credibility in lobbying for laws against the abortion of babies, we must have the dependability of opening our doors for the welcoming of children.
If we are truly pro-the-least-of-these: How does each and every Christian live in a way that witnesses to wanting all children, to welcoming all children, to wrapping around all children?And how do we value the worth of every single woman?
You and I, we have to. Because ultimately this isn’t a debate and we can’t turn away indifferent — When we turn away from vulnerable women and children, we turn away from the venerable Christ.

The Same World

My heart breaks for Boston. (in the same way as my heart breaks for schools shootings and wars and other broken messes). My heart breaks for the murdered babies and mistreated women at Gosnell's house of horrors (another post entirely....)

I am a runner...not a fast one -- and not a current one (I've taken a break in training due to wedding, moving, finding a job) It sickens me to think that these men and women were meeting goals and challenging themselves and in some small way, doing what America has always stood for -- the betterment of one's self...and this is what happens. 

War and death and shootings and murder are always sad, but they are especially sad when they occur in places they shouldn't -- elementary schools, sporting events, churches, etc.  I think its quite intentional that those who commit these acts aim for these targets. Not only are these places easy targets, but they are snapshots of a happy all american life. 

It seems that the world is getting more and more evil, doesn't it.  But then again, it isn't getting more evil.  It's been evil since sin entered the world, and although we are all so very capable of good things, we are capable of evil.  This world is full of sin and evil.

It's the same world it always was -- a world with gas chambers, abortion, school shootings, wars, starvation, rape, illness, genocide, slavery.

But, its the same world it always was - a world where runners finish the race and run straight to hospitals to donate blood, where missionaries smuggle bibles into countries, where families hide Jews in their homes, where teachers give their lives for their students.

This world has a lot of good, but let us not be so surprised by the evil. Thankfully, we have a Savior that came to redeem and restore a lost and broken world.

As the author of the previously linked post said....

"And I don’t really know what to say.
Except that the world ain’t coming to nothin’. It’s the same as it ever was.
It’s a place filled with people whose every intention is only evil continually. It’s in need of a Savior. In need of redemption. And restoration. And desperate deliverance. Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus, come."

Yes, come Lord Jesus, come.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer: Shaking the tree.

“Some mercies are not given to us except in answer to importunate prayer. There are blessings which, like ripe fruit, drop into your hand the moment you touch the bough. But there are others which require you to shake the tree again and again, until you make it rock with the vehemence of your exercise, for only then will the fruit fall down.” (Charles Spurgeon)

I have for sure shared this quote before.  But it is TOO GOOD not to share again. I think as Christians we think we need to stop praying, that if God hasn't immediately healed or provided then the answer is no.  Sometimes the answer only comes after months, years, etc of prayer.  I suppose that God is interested in what happens to our heart during those years.  So, keep shaking the tree.

This post is as much for me as anyone else as I feel we will likely be shaking the tree for awhile before he is hired and then I am hired...yep, we get to do the job search thing twice yippy!  Keep praying, keep praising, keep shaking the tree.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Church Hill Shower

I never posted pics from my first shower.  It was fun because a lot of Dave's relatives had not met my mom and sister yet.  It was fun.  We don't have church wedding showers at my parent's church so it was fun to see how its done! Its a lot of fun because all the women in the church show up so you get to see a lot of people.

It was also a fun shower because these were people that have loved Dave his whole life, longer than I've loved him and longer than I've known him.  He is from a closeknit small community where people are family or "family" (when he calls someone aunt X, I say, "is that a real aunt ?") Lots of people love Dave (I can't blame them!) and lots of people showed up to celebrate with us!

Of course, really I just celebrated with them because Dave was fishing :)

Dave's Cousin's wife is quite talented and made this gorgeous cake!  Look at those handmade flowers!

My mom and sister and me!

Dave's sister (Beth), his niece Kate and his mom (oh, and baby Ryan in utero!)

Kate would help be open gifts -- she particularly liked the various mixing cups and spoons I received!

My mom, future mother in law and me!

2 of my favorite Church Hill ladies -- Melissa and Kittye

Mom, Me and Ansley-- I don't look like my family but I think the three of us look a lot alike in this pic!

This weekend I have a shower and engagement party - and I have a few friends from out of town in town to celebrate (we purposefully scheduled the party on the same day as the shower for that reason!)  I can't wait to celebrate and see sweet friends. I also get to celebrate my soon to arrive niece in Church Hill on Sunday...

all while trying to pack to move in 2 weeks...Oh well, sleep doesnt matter if you're having fun right ?? :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

early 20s v. late 20s

Ha, possibly the funniest/most relatable thing I've read in months.

Life in your early 20s v. life in your late 20s (pros and cons!)

Hilarious, if you are in your twenties like me, and can't make it to the late movie or get a tummy ache if you eat too much junk food or need to sit down after one glass of wine at dinner, you can relate.  But late 20s has some perks -- a little more confidence, some maturity, etc.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hurry up and WAIT

Let's be honest.  Waiting sucks. It is no fun.  It is painful and sometimes, in my opinion, worse than a no, because you are required to have faith and trust and hope even longer, even though that can one day be thwarted. 

And waiting can be so dissapointing, even if the end answer is a yes.  Ask any woman who pees on a stick monthly or any single who has yet another bad first date or another relationship end.

And yet, I am fully convinced that few things grow your faith like waiting.  This is not to say that those that don't wait for babies, marriages, jobs and good health don't grow, but I do think that the daily exhausting battle with yourself to keep on walking in faith even when you don't feel like it is used by God in good painful and sanctifying ways.

I know you are all rolling your eyes because this has been one of my favorite topics...for the past few years...which is partly self focused I know. We tend to talk about and write about what we are experiancing.  But its also because I know so many sweet people who are struggling through waiting right now -- waiting on school, adoptions, babies, proposals, relationships, etc.  And  I am both sad and happy for them at the same time -- because God does good things in the waiting!

So all that leadup to share this article with you: HURRY UP AND WAIT  It's a gem of an article.  I agree, my waiting became more strong, less difficult when I was expectant in my waiting. Let me share some good truth from that article with you.

“Have you not known? Have you not heard? 
The Lord is the everlasting God, 
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
 He does not faint or grow weary;
 his understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint,
 and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary,
 and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
 they shall mount up with wings like eagles; 
they shall run and not be weary; 
they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:28-31

I think of a bride getting ready to see her husband at the end of the aisle. I’ve not yet been a bride, but I’ve been in my fair share of weddings and I think we all know the length of time it takes for the wedding party (particularly the girls) to get ready for the ceremony, and rightfully so. We spend all day primping (while the guys play golf and then get ready in 30 minutes tops!), then, about an hour before the ceremony, all of the sudden everything comes to a complete halt and we sit, and wait. And often have a moment of panic. All of our hustling and hurrying and scurrying around all day, to sit and wait. That hour before the ceremony is the hardest hour of the day, in my opinion, but the expectation of what’s ahead brings unspeakable joy. She waits with expectation.

But most times, our waiting is much longer than any of us like to think or wait, but if we only knew what He had in store for us, we know the waiting would be worth it. My sweet coworker KMac said it best, “We wouldn’t appreciate ANYTHING without a little delay and anticipation.” And all the people said amen. 

That’s why in the waiting we wait with hope. We wait with expectancy. We wait in patience. We wait in prayer. We wait in strength.

Most times, the waiting really isn’t about the waiting, it’s about becoming.

But know that even when you become tired in the waiting, the Lord is still working out every little detail.

You and I are waiting on the Lord to move in different ways, provide different things, and surprise us along the way. Instead of growing weaker, let us grow stronger. If you find yourself in any kind of waiting season, find things that stir your affections for Christ and pursue those.  Maybe the Lord’s given you a gift you’ve let get dusty, pick it up and start practicing that craft. Whatever you do, don’t put your life on hold. Panic and worry do nothing but drain us of any energy or hope we may have had.  This may sound harsh, but is there anything more unfulfiling that becoming selfish and living for yourself in our season of waiting?

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Tuesday, Dave and I took engagement pics in his hometown of Church Hill (or community, really, its not a town)  The weather was perfect-- it was raining the weekend before and it rained the day after, but it was warm and lovely for our pictures. We are having an urban wedding at a warehouse -- so most of our pics will be fairly urban and indoors, so I really wanted our engagement photos and bridal portriats/etc to be outside.

I don't think I have ever showed pics of Church Hill on my blog so I wanted to show yall this pretty place!  (I didn't take these, I pulled them offline, but you get the idea...)  It really is cute and old school and historic.  I love the church on the hill (Christ Church) from which the community gets its name.  Church Hill also has a few large old plantations/homes because it is 15 minutes from Natchez (former wealthiest city in the South and America and still full of southern charm and Antebellum houses)

Here is a sneak peek of our engagement pics. The photographer just took this one on instagram, so its not edited, etc, BUT you get the idea... beautiful scenery, perfect weather, cute boy. I can't wait to see the real pictures!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

I suppose this can be a What We Wore: Easter Edition....although really its just an Easter post...which is good b/c I feel torn on WIW wednesdays because its a bit self focused (although I like knowing that I can come up with atleast one post each week even while I am so busy!)

I spent Easter in Church Hill.  At the time we made plans, my parents were moving into a new condo in Jackson and I didn't know if they would be at the Brookhaven house or Jackson condo for the holiday and no one else was coming in town (that I knew of) - plus there was a baby shower and wedding in Church Hill/Natchez that evening so we decided to spend the whole weekend with Dave's family.  Last minute, my grandparents and aunt and uncle came to town but I still stayed in Church Hill because that was our original plan. And although I missed my family, I am glad I did.  It was so much more restful.  I am grateful that our families live a little over an hour apart because we can and will continue to be able to see both families every holiday, but travelling between houses for holidays is exhausting so its nice when we can have an entire weekend in one place. I can definitely see the plus of just alternating some holidays....maybe Easter will be one of those!  I think that figuring out holidays will be one of the most difficult things for Dave and me-- such a blessing to both come from closeknit families, but it does create problems when planning things out!

I realized on Good Friday that I had been so busy with wedding planning, work, etc that I had failed to get an Easter dress-- showers, engagement party, rehearsal dresses? YES.  Easter - not so much. In Jackson, I would have just worn an older dress, BUT Church Hill is old school and Easter Sunday gets your Sunday Best which includes a new dress.... I didn't want to wear a dress I was saving for another event so I quickly ran to LOFT because they were having a 40 percent off sale.  They were sold out of my size but called the other LOFT in town so I ran over there to pick up my dress from hold.  All that to say, Good Friday shopping is as awful as day before Christmas shopping (although not as bad as day after Christmas)  The roads were packed, the stores crowded, stressful.  But success, I was able to find a dress and still get packed and to Church Hill literally 2 minutes before Good Friday Service!  LESSON LEARNED: Easter shop ahead of time!

It was a fun weekend -- seeing Dave's family, celebrating a sweet baby on the way and attending a wedding, relaxing, and of course, a good SOUTHERN EASTER DINNER.

We attended a wedding at Longwood Plantation Saturday.  It is an old southern mansion that was never finished (on the inside).  In the middle of building it, the Civil War broke out and afterwards, and afterwards, the house was never finished.  The first floor is decorated but the second floor is not -- all that exists is the bricks-- which actually makes it look really neat (different from every other southern plantation you can tour).  Also, its an octagonal house.  The food was on the bottom level and the band and dancing and drinks were on the second floor.

Dress: from a store on the Square in Oxford, MS a few years ago
Shoes: Red wedges from Judy's
Sweater: Gap
Earrings: Simple Joys

Here is my sweet guy and me Easter Sunday...

Dress: LOFT (SALE!!)
Necklace: Blue Door Boutique
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Madden Girl (you can see them in the next picture)

Suit, Shirt, Tie: BELK (sale)
***This is his interview suit we bought a few weeks ago. Seriously, doesn't he look adorable?  Usually he is in student attire, so I love when he dresses up!***

With Dave's Family on Easter (minus his brother in law Conor who could not come due to work on Saturday) on Easter Sunday..... (Clearly I look more like his sisters than my own, ha - atleast in coloring and hair color) 

Possibly the BEST part of the Weekend was Sunday afternoon in Jackson.  We left after Easter lunch and got back around 3/3:30...  I packed a few boxes, did some laundry, made soup and sandwiches for dinner and we watched TV on a rainy lazy afternoon.  SO RARE and MUCH NEEDED!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter weekend full of friends and family.  Certainly Easter can be celebrated alone --- the empty tomb is just as amazing, with or without others -- but it is good to rejoice with other believers and enjoy the blessing of eachother!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Because He lives!

Who gets the horrible blogger award???  ME ME ME!!

I am sorry, but life is CRAZY...good crazy, stressful crazy, busy crazy...and its not just wedding's work and tennis (I wanted to sign up but now thats two nights of my week every week) and figuring out where we will live and Dave interviewing and getting ready to graduate and packing up my house and celebrating weddings and babies.

Life is good --- full of GOOD busyness, but I must admit, it will be nice for life to slow down in a few months.

I realized this weekend that I was so busy,  I did not talk about Easter.  You all know I love advent -- partly because we have a whole month to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord.  But, easter, equally, if not more, important, only has one scheduled week (unless of course, you celebrate lent)  I need to spend more time than one week preparing.  I should work on this.  But, if I talk about singleness, dating, share articles, etc and FAIL to share with y'all about the Resurection of my Lord, then I am failing. So, even though its late, I wanted to talk about EASTER.

This Easter, more than any in recent history, really resonated with me.  (sidenote: I am not at all suggesting that Easter's goodness rests on my fickle awareness and emotions, Easter is always glorious and amazing, but this year, I really realized it!)  Just like waiting has caused me to really be aware during advent, loss has caused me to be so grateful for Easter.  I lost a good friend this year (which I am so blessed that this is the first time in 29 years that I lost a friend).  Chris loved Jesus....and because the tomb was empty, Chris was with his Lord this Easter -- and we will see Chris again.  What hope that brings!

My family also experianced so much other loss this year -- the loss that comes from living in a fallen world where things fall apart and hearts are broken and wounds are created; the kind of loss that won't be understood, forgotten or completely healed in this lifetime. But, one day, we will live in Eternity with our Savior and every sad and painful thing will come untrue.  Only through the grave and empty tomb could ANY of this pain we feel in a broken world be redeemed and healed.  And each day we can get up and keep living and keep worshiping and keep trying because our Savior died, lives and reigns.  He conquered death. He conquered sin.  Victory is ours, even though we did not win it!

Another friend and I were texting Sunday morning about how we are glad Chris is with Jesus this Easter and we are grateful that Easter means we will see him again! And my friend texted: Everyday is Easter for Chris....and everyday should be Easter for us too. AMEN. Why do I not live like everyday is Easter?  I want to be able to live with an awareness that the battle has been fought and won and death and sin will not win!  If I lived that way, maybe I would have more forgiveness and grace, more patience, more hope. 

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future and life is worth the living just because He lives."