Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Same World

My heart breaks for Boston. (in the same way as my heart breaks for schools shootings and wars and other broken messes). My heart breaks for the murdered babies and mistreated women at Gosnell's house of horrors (another post entirely....)

I am a runner...not a fast one -- and not a current one (I've taken a break in training due to wedding, moving, finding a job) It sickens me to think that these men and women were meeting goals and challenging themselves and in some small way, doing what America has always stood for -- the betterment of one's self...and this is what happens. 

War and death and shootings and murder are always sad, but they are especially sad when they occur in places they shouldn't -- elementary schools, sporting events, churches, etc.  I think its quite intentional that those who commit these acts aim for these targets. Not only are these places easy targets, but they are snapshots of a happy all american life. 

It seems that the world is getting more and more evil, doesn't it.  But then again, it isn't getting more evil.  It's been evil since sin entered the world, and although we are all so very capable of good things, we are capable of evil.  This world is full of sin and evil.

It's the same world it always was -- a world with gas chambers, abortion, school shootings, wars, starvation, rape, illness, genocide, slavery.

But, its the same world it always was - a world where runners finish the race and run straight to hospitals to donate blood, where missionaries smuggle bibles into countries, where families hide Jews in their homes, where teachers give their lives for their students.

This world has a lot of good, but let us not be so surprised by the evil. Thankfully, we have a Savior that came to redeem and restore a lost and broken world.

As the author of the previously linked post said....

"And I don’t really know what to say.
Except that the world ain’t coming to nothin’. It’s the same as it ever was.
It’s a place filled with people whose every intention is only evil continually. It’s in need of a Savior. In need of redemption. And restoration. And desperate deliverance. Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus, come."

Yes, come Lord Jesus, come.

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