Friday, April 12, 2013

Church Hill Shower

I never posted pics from my first shower.  It was fun because a lot of Dave's relatives had not met my mom and sister yet.  It was fun.  We don't have church wedding showers at my parent's church so it was fun to see how its done! Its a lot of fun because all the women in the church show up so you get to see a lot of people.

It was also a fun shower because these were people that have loved Dave his whole life, longer than I've loved him and longer than I've known him.  He is from a closeknit small community where people are family or "family" (when he calls someone aunt X, I say, "is that a real aunt ?") Lots of people love Dave (I can't blame them!) and lots of people showed up to celebrate with us!

Of course, really I just celebrated with them because Dave was fishing :)

Dave's Cousin's wife is quite talented and made this gorgeous cake!  Look at those handmade flowers!

My mom and sister and me!

Dave's sister (Beth), his niece Kate and his mom (oh, and baby Ryan in utero!)

Kate would help be open gifts -- she particularly liked the various mixing cups and spoons I received!

My mom, future mother in law and me!

2 of my favorite Church Hill ladies -- Melissa and Kittye

Mom, Me and Ansley-- I don't look like my family but I think the three of us look a lot alike in this pic!

This weekend I have a shower and engagement party - and I have a few friends from out of town in town to celebrate (we purposefully scheduled the party on the same day as the shower for that reason!)  I can't wait to celebrate and see sweet friends. I also get to celebrate my soon to arrive niece in Church Hill on Sunday...

all while trying to pack to move in 2 weeks...Oh well, sleep doesnt matter if you're having fun right ?? :)

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