Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayer and Fasting

Praying and Fasting.....

I think I have spoken before about my Monday Fasting.  I followed this website where women (and now men) prayer for marriage -- but not only pray for marriage, specifically pray for godly men to rise up, godly women to rise up and marriages to develop.  This group prays and fasts on monday  (either all day or during lunch). 

I used to do this on mondays....even when dating someone.  I would pray for the men I know, I would pray for my friends, and I would pray for me-- that we would continue to grow and the Lord would provide wonderful healthy marriages.  I have gotten lazy with it. I've been busy and quite frankly, I've been so happy with my life-- not just my relationship, but my wonderful friends, my job (knock on wood, as soon as I say job has been good, itll get super stressful), my roomates, etc. So today is my first day back!

The truth is I need to continue praying and fasting-- I'm not married so I should be praying for myself, I should be praying for my friends to meet great guys, and for the men I know to keep growing into good leaders.  I also have a host of other friends (married and single) who need prayer.  Fasting is an area of our faith and walk with the Lord that many people ignore.  The church doesn't emphasize it enough but it is all throughout the Bible.  I want to start researching this discipline and make it a part of my life...not only in my monday prayers for marriages and singles, but also in my own life when I have a big decision or problem.  Taking it before the Lord, nondistracted, relying only on Him is something good I need to do more often.

So I encourage you to look at this website, particularly if you are single or dating, but also if you have single friends, daughters, sons, siblings, etc that are single and you could pray for and fast from food, facebook, tv, bread, or whatever you chose to fast from on mondays. Also, you could use the time to pray for others that are hurting or waiting for children, jobs, etc.

Praying for others....

One of the most encouraging/powerful things you can do for a person is pray for them -- really pray, not say "I'll pray for you" but really get on your knees for them.  Because truth is you can't change their life or heart, but the Lord can.  My friend Sarah is happilly engaged to a great guy, but she has made it her goal to pray for her single friends.  She started doing it when she was still just dating her now fiance. And we tease her about how well her prayers work...if she makes you her focus, you meet someone soon after.  So far, one boy she prayed for met his fiance, another girl is dating the boy I'm pretty certain she will marry, and 2 or 3 more of us are dating.  Sarah's prayers aren't what caused this, of course, the Lord brought answers. But I do not think its a coincidence that the Lord chose to answer as prayers were increased.  As someone she has prayed for, it has been touching to have a prayer warrior, and has motivated me to be praying for my friends single and married- in all different struggles in their life.

Prayers while running...

I follow another blogger...who recently ran a race that was in memories of those who died. Each mile, she prayed for the family members and friends of one of the men that died.  I am currently training for a half.  This motivated me to do something similar when running. Nothing formal or specific, but I started to spend some of my time running in prayer...and when I am running races (which will have mile or km markers), I want to dedicate specific miles or km's to praying for someone.  When running, thats all you can do, you can't get distracted by laundry or tv or a phone call, you can listen to music, think and if I will be running, I should spend sometime in conversation with my Lord.

This weekend I am running a 10k and want to try praying for someone different each km.  Several of these prayers will be single friends...and several will be  for those with other struggles.  I'm already so excited about this, it feels like my run has more purpose now. If you have any prayer requests, I'd love to pray for you while I run during the week or during the race (and I have another one in 3 weeks!)  email me at or leave a comment.  And just like I encourage you to try the discipline of fasting, try incorporating prayer time into a daily activity...My sister used her late night nursing time to pray for people, I'm starting to use running, maybe you turn off the tv when you fold clothes and pray, or maybe your morning commute becomes a prayer time. But, the longer I live, the more I believe that praying for others is one of the biggest gifts we can give someone and it provides us with communion with our Father!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Bedroom

I am beginning to plan how I will decorate my room (BTW I moved 9 mths ago, but the rest of the house and the rest of my life seemed like a priority. I was thinking navy but gray and yellow is so hot right now and I am loving it. I don't love yellow on its own but I like it with this neutral.

So.... I am thinking Gray Yellow and White.  Here are my must haves.  I will do some later posts with inspiration rooms and fabrics I like, but here are my basics.

Give advice and tell me what you think.


I want to start out with this rug from urban outfitters. I love chevron.

2. fabric headboard

I think I want a gray headboard, what do y'all think? Would Yellow pop more? especially since I have a gray rug? I was thinking gray just because if I change my bedding, gray would go with more options....that being said, its only fabric, so all I have to do is rip it off and put a new fabric on!

3. White comfortor/Duvet

I really want a clean white fluffy bedspread with colors in the furniture, accessories, pillows, headboard, lamps, artwork, window treatments, and throw.

4. IKAT fabric
I want this Ikat fabric -- which is quite pricy and sold out at the store that sells it, but you can buy pillows made out of it/fabric on etsy and ebay. I am considering buying a couple pillows and splurging on enough to make a blanket/duvet (one side of a duvet), throw for end of bed-- IE, a pop at the top of the bed and a pop at the bottom.  After I order this fabric, I will match other fabrics to it.

Here's an example of the pillows

5. matching artwork that plays off the theme

6. Faux white deerhead

This is from Urban Outfitters. My friend has one above her mantle and he's so fun. I have a fireplace in my bedroom (not functioning) with a mantle and thought how fun would a white dearhead be?

7. Painted furniture

I probably want just one piece of painted furniture-- to pop...What do yall think? Gray or Yellow?  I think I want a gray headboard so some type of yellow piece of furniture would be great.

8. Fun lamps on end table

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Linking up with E. Myself and I for midweek confessions...well, except at this point, she hasn't done her midweek post, but I will link to her anyways.

  • last night, I did something that goes against everything I believe in (as a sports fan) -- I attended a college baseball game and cheered for the team my BF and his family cheered for (what is happening to me??) I even wore a team sweatshirt!! To be fair, the team (USM) was playing one of my team's rivals (MSU) AND USM isn't in the SEC, so I have no hatred for it...but still...
  • I lost my keys at my parents house 2 nights ago (I had spent the night with them) so my daddy dropped me off at work.  like a high schooler...
  • I have become far to used to using the dry shampoo these past few weeks.....drying long hair takes forever! and I still bathe, so that counts for something right...
  • speaking of, after the warrior dash, I bathed 3 times before church on sunday yet my friend leslie pointed out some dirt on my ear.  My hair still feels nasty and I've washed it multiple times!

And this is more just a question for advice, not a confession, what do you do when you have a friend who is dating someone they shouldn't be? OR even if they shouldn't be, maybe it started when it shouldn't have-- one or both of them weren't available or when one was known to be a cheater, bad guy, etc.  I have had a few situations like this where I spoke my opinion then started holding my toungue.  Sometimes this results in having to be friends with the person you disapprove of....(recently for an entire year) What do you do?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Hope Deferred

I loved this post and had to share.... a hope deferred. Something we have all experianced.  The passage discussed in this article talks about Caleb waiting for the promise land until he was 40, and then through sins of others (how true this is regarding sometimes when we have to wait-- either do to our sin or sins of others!!), having to wait over 40 more years in the wilderness to get dissapointing, and yet he was obediant and kept up his hope through living well during the delay!! And although I love the biblical passages about women waiting for marriage or more commonly, children, I LOVED this passage even more because it didn't focus on something so specific.....

why? because I will always be hoping for something. It may not be a mate or children or a job I love (obviously things I am waiting for now). And I can always look to Caleb and see how to handle my waiting. And you know what, not only will I always be waiting....So will you. So will your children and your spouse and your friends.  Some hopes are fulfilled quickly, and some take awhile.  Sometimes those that take awhile have obvious answers to the question: "why did I wait Lord?" and sometimes those questions don't have answers (or atleast answers we see here on earth.) Some are never fulfilled, atleast not the way we would like them fulfilled or we think is best.

Usually I will be waiting for something on earth-- some opportunity, some improved relationship, etc...but even if I had the husband, the career, the kids, the white picket fence and the dog, I will still be waiting for heaven.  Like Caleb, we are ALL waiting for the promised what are we going to do in the meantime?

My favorite portion of the article:

Caleb reminds me to steward well the season of delay, meeting God’s provision with thanksgiving instead of complaining, believing in God’s goodness instead of doubting it. Caleb fought for his inheritance all those years by living in faith, marrying, having children—rejoicing fully in what God had for him at that time, yet never losing sight that greater things were coming.

Because Caleb believed his future was worth fighting for, so was his present. When the future arrived, he was not disappointed. Redemption flourished in his aged body, and with a vigor and faith greater than that of the others, he rushed forward to receive his promise—no resentment, no regrets.

How will I live my life in the waiting?? during my single years and during my life here on earth?

Sometimes, during my single years, I have wasted opportunities by mourning the past and being selfish with my time.  Sometimes, and hopefully more and more the older I get, I have taken time to be a hostess, get an education, travel, minister, be involved in church , take care of the sick and hurting, date and meet all types of men, make an incredible group of friends.

So many people I know are waiting these days-- for something.  A husband, a wife, children, health, a job, the economy to bounce back, a healed relationship, finishing school.  I am praying real needs for a lot of people, but I think I am going to start including in my prayers: Lord help them (and me!) be like Caleb and not waste the wait. 

What about you? Are you waiting? Are you being a good steward of your delay?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Warrior Dash

This weekend my friend Constance I ran in Warior Dash in Jackson.  It is a 3.5 m run with obstacles like climbing walls and rope fences, swimming, treking through mud, climbing under barbwire and over logs.  My friends has asthma (and its pretty hard to bring an inhaler with you through the mud) so we walked a good bit and I was a-ok with that (bc i was the smarty pants who had run 5 m that morning. I should have skipped my running group run but no, I had paid for it so I was going to!) My sister, Marley, wants to do the Warrior Dash in NOLA in October so if we do, I am hoping that we can most of it, not just some of it.

My friend Mallory ran the Warrior Dash in Houston and lost her shoes in the mud, so we ducktaped ours to be safe!

The waiver included my initials over 20 times- signing off on wild animals and fire.  I saw no wild animals so I guess that was a precaution since we were in the woods.

Here are our before and after photos....

We had tons of fun and rewarded ourselves with candy, sweats, and The Lucky One where we got to see Zach Efron without his shirt on :)  On sunday, we then went on a walk with Claire (who also did the race) because we though slowly using our muscles might make them ache less!  And then we all went to get snowcones, watch shakespear in the park (A midsummer nights dream!) and eat sushi.  It was a great weekend.....not to mention Zoo Brew with several friends (fundraising party at the zoo) Friday night where we got to take a tour of the tiger exhibit and go into the building with the caged tigers.  Of course, I named one of them Aubie!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spurgeon on Unanswered prayers

"Unanswered petitions are not unheard. God keeps a file for our prayers--they are not blown away by the wind, they are treasured in the King's archives. This is a registry in the court of heaven wherein every prayer is recorded. Tested believer, your Lord has a tear bottle in which the costly drops of sacred grief are put away, and a book in which your holy groanings are numbered. Before long, your suit shall prevail. Can't you be content to wait a little while? Won't your Lord's time be better than yours? Before long He will comfortably appear, to your soul's joy, and make you put away the sackcloth and ashes of lengthy waiting, and put on the scarlet and fine linen of full fruition."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday (er, Thursday...)

Here is a little bit of what I am reading lately....

Here is the downside of living together before marriage from the NY Times.  I know a lot of people will disagree with me for my views on living together before marriage, but I believe that it is wrong biblically, but even from a secular perspective, I think it puts you in a holding pattern.  IE, Joe and Sally are dating and have dated long enough to see some flaws but not all flaws. But they have seen enough to know that they want to get married and work through whatever conflict/flaws/disagreements they discover in when they get married and she is moody or they disagree on how they want to raise their kids, etc, there is more commitment and more reason to get married.  If they do a "trial run", its like an unending tryout for marriage...they learn some of those flaws and disagreements early-- he's grumpy in the mornings, she's a slob....they keep waiting (because after all they are getting many of the financial, emotional and sexual benefits of marriage so no motivation to actually get married) until all disagreements are solved...the only catch is once issue is dealt with, another one comes they never get married, or they do after years.

What have men you dated done right in relationships?  and wrong?

I hope next year is a good one for Auburn (on a side note, the Dyer stuff is upsetting me, shows how quickly all of us can go from the top to trouble by a few bad decisions.  Although he is no longer at Auburn, and thats a good decision by the coach, I do hope for his sake that he gets his life back together)

There is this blog I follow and the couple is adopting from ethiopia (not an adoption blog, but it discusses adoption a lot lately since they are in the process...) I have been touched by reading their story. I am happy to report they just picked up their daughter. I encourage you to check out her blog and pray for safe journeys for this family and a smooth transition.

Here is an article from the economist entitled The Waiting Game  - about chasity before marriage.

I thought this article on spouses not witholding affection was great.  I had never seen it this way.  Surely we have all heard about how they should not withold sex-- his body is hers, her body is his, but this author points to 1 Cor 7:3 which states each should render to the other the affection due.  Witholding affection via the silent treatment, refusing to touch and be kind, etc is wrong too.  Not that spouses are never mad at eachother, but I guess the proper way to deal with it is talk about it, not manipulatively punish them into realizing what he or she did wrong.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midweek confessions 4-18-12

Time for some midweek confessions. I'm linking up with E, Myself, and I.

* I am a little superstitious when it comes to catching the bouquet. I caught it at this wedding so I feel extremely hopeful, but then again, I have caught it two times before so I am not getting carried away with myself.  I am certainly not one of those singles that is embaressed to try and catch the bouquet.  I will for sure get up and try!  It couldn't hurt.....

* The hem on my bridesmaid's dress tore while taking pictures and I fixed it with dress tape and safety pins.

* I am crazy about my boyfriend but the travelling every weekend or having someone in town every weekend is exhausting for both of us, plus always balancing girl time and boy time has been hard (I just refuse to be one of those girls that dumps their girls when dating someone), so I was secretly excited when he said he had to do something this weekend. I have jam packed my wkd with girl time and maybe I can actually spend time cleaning my room (maybe)

* Last week I bought a sugar free snowcone and the lady (who is so used to seeing me) felt it necessary to say I shouldn't come by the next day because they would be closed for one know you eat too many snowcones when.....

*I have always been fairly patient with people who make rude singles comments, but I have gotten where I just can't tolerate it....come one, I don't point out that you still haven't lost the baby fat, or that your child's eyes turn inward, or that your outfit has a stain on it, etc.....

* I am addicted to spray much safer and quicker than laying out.  I love a good pool/beach tan but lets face it, lawyers don't get to do their work by the pool.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Southern Belle Secrets

Y'all may have noticed that I LOVE the SOUTH.  I love front porches, searsucker, college football, tailgating, mixed drinks, magnolias, cookouts, bbq, watermelon, sundresses, pearls, Lilly Pulitzer, and the list goes on and on....

For those of you who aren't southern, I thought I would share some of our secrets...stolen from pinterest but I wholeheartedly agree (and I'm pretty southern...I have lived in MS, AL, GA, VA, TX)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ashley and Brian's Wedding

You may remember me telling you last week that my friend ashley was getting married, if you don't, check out this blog post!

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding weekend . I so enjoyed celebrating with my friend Ashley and her husband Brian. 
Both families weren't from it was a smaller more intimate wedding.  It was great because I felt everyone who was there really loved these two.  Everyone danced and the food was wonderful. (pet peeve: weddings where no one will dance!)

The day was wonderful and the bride was radiant! As you can tell by these photos......

What I loved seeing was all of their "stolen moments" alone.  Here they are enjoying being with eachother while taking pics with 30 other people (although it seems they didn't realize we were there)  Brian makes Ashley better, he makes her more fun and more relaxed! (I'm sorry, ash, but you know its true....and I loved you before so I for sure love the even better version!) In fact, I was irritated (not really irritated...) when I found out she went out with the groomsmen for drinks after the rehearsal dinner. My BF and I just went back to the hotel to watch tv because we didn't think she and the bridesmaids were going....turns out she stopped by, stayed out for awhile with them, enjoyed herself and even had a drink.  Not a wild night, but a relaxed fun night.  When we heard this story, one of the other bridesmaids, Laura Ann, and I were like 'I wish we had known, we would have gone out!!"

But, despite missing out on the fun, this made me happy. He has loosened her up and I am sure she has changed him for better too.  Wedding planning stresses any bride out yet the night before her wedding, she was not worrying, but enjoying being with him and his friends (although I still maintain it would have been more fun if Laura Ann and I had come too!) 

Here is a picture of the Bride and me...dont you love her sweetheart neckline??

 Also, a sorority picture. Funny story, we sang our sorority song in a circle at the reception. Its been so long since I sang it. Laura Ann had to reteach me the lyrics. Luckilly after reading my handwritten lyrics a couple times, it came back to me!

The lovely cake...

 I loved her bridal portriat. It was taken at the perfect time of day and her dress doesn't look just white, but irridescent maybe or rainbow colored (in a good way obviously) because of the light coming through the window which falls all the way down her viel and dress.

A tiger clash grooms cake....Auburn v. Clemson. (Mrs. Pat, ashley's mom and diehard SC fan and alum) is still not over the fact that ashley married a clemson grad....but I guess, since he loves Jesus and her daughter, she has accepted it.  :) One saturday a year might be rough in the Bodie/Thompson family....I personally think they should start a yearly bet...loser does chores for the winner? or loser wears winning teams tshirt in the family christmas card?? this could be fun....

Sweet father daughter dance. :)

By the way, let me brag on my BF/wedding date.  Its usually fun to be someone's wedding date when its in town and there will be food, alcohol and dancing.  Its not nearly as fun when you have to give up your whole wkd and go to a rehearsal dinner (which was delicious and at the botantical gardens restaurant in mountain brook), entertain yourself saturday while your date is doing wedding stuff, sit by yourself at the wedding AND keep getting left alone at the wedding while your date takes pics.  I owe him a few wedding/event dates and probably some fishing. And despite the awkward moments, I think he had fun meeting people and dancing.

Also, I was extremely impressed at how well he did with meeting people.  He let my friends him a little on Friday night (Ashley flat out quizzed him) and after he realized that these were the type of girls he could tease, he teased Ashley back on Saturday.  He also danced with ashley's niece and nephew.  Words of advice to men-- 3 of the things that impress a lady: (1) interacting well with her friends; (2) being good with children, old ladies, anyone who needs extra care; and (3) being a good date to events/gatherings/weddings.  I left that wedding very proud he was my date. I haven't always felt that way after taking guy as dates for things.  So thats my dating advice to share with the men :)


I have never hid the fact that I want to adopt....and unless I married a man who was strongly opposed to it, I feel pretty strongly that I will...even if single, I will. I feel like the Lord makes it clear that we should take care of orphans, so if we don't adopt, we should be in prayer for those adopting, or help with fundraising and encouraging.

I really liked this blog post on 10 things adoptive moms wished others knew. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stuff Christian Girls Say


"The other day I had a vision of the man I am going to marry and he wasn't you."
"She has a real Jezabel spirit"
"Wheres my Boaz?"
"Back off Philistine!"
"At this point, I don't even want a David, just give me one of his mighty men!!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday

This article is me to a T....except not as extreme.  I don't see myself as a newlywed, decorating a nursery before I get pregnant. But I am naturally a planner and thus, often a worrier. So I look ahead.  I want to know where my life will take me-- if a job will open up in a year or two, if a relationship will lead to forever or just heartache, if I will be a lawyer forever or do something else, if I will travel to this ballgame next year, how many kids should i have, etc etc.  I often times (espeically relationally) am worrying because I want to know the outcome in order to diminish pain.  This author made some good points about always looking to the future not the present.

I LOVE this article on praying in expectation.  This is what has changed the most in my prayer life in the past year or so.  I read a lot of spurgeon exerpts and articles talking about praying with real faith....and as I started praying, expecting an answer and thanking God for that answer before he even answered, I begin to get more answer and at very least, notice answers that had been there. 

A yankee's perspective on ole miss and the south.

Midweek Confessions

* Last week, during my mani/pedi, when the lady asked if she could put designs on my manicure, I said, "sure, why not?? just nothing over the top" So I went around all week with silver glitter lines on my ring fingers and big toes --- and i loved it.  I have a little but of a gaudy side hidden under all this preppiness.

* I always viewed myself as a not very cheesy dater....I am pretty practical and I think the most important thing is how you relate to eachother, not cheesy nicknames and texts and sappy convos...but now that I am past the honeymoon phase in my relationship, I realize how spoiled I was at first and how much I miss that.   I guess my last few relationships never had a super cheesy phase, but I can see how fun that is, not essential, but fun.  I may have to try and keep some of that alive.

* I am training for a half marathon and I so want to LOVE running, but I don't. I don't really like running (I love working out, just not running)--except when I have been training a lot, I grow to tolerate it and even like it (about mid run) -- but never love it. 

* I am excited about the Zach Effron movie coming out.

* I may watch titanic 3D...I remember seeing that movie opening night with my friend Mary Melinda back in the 8th grade.  Can't help but want to relive childhood.

*I am trying to lose weight-- 10 to 15 pounds by my familys beach trip, BUT I am struggling to get motivated.  I run/workout (which makes me hungry) and I eat mostly lowcarb.  Sadly, its hard to get motivated bc its not like I am fat now.  I would like to be smaller, but its not a major health risk, so its hard to get all worked up about it....Any tips? I have only lost 3-4 pounds. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding weekend

This weekend, my friend Ashley is getting married.  I am super excited for her and honored to be a part of her day.

Ashley and me at the AU UGA game in 2010, the year we won the NC!!

I met ashley in my sorority at Auburn. We didn't get close til Senior year which is one of my biggest regrets. We hit it off due to our love for college football, theology and the fact that she was a pharmacy student and I was writing my honors we both had to study a lot and would take study breaks together.

 at a ballgame with another friend, senior year
Bid Day senior year

I love all my friends, but there are 3 girls who got me through the hardest time in my life during my engagement ending (well 3 plus my 2 sisters) -- and these 3 girls have a special spot it my heart.  Ashley is one of those girls..... I was heartbroken, and she was busy with pharmacy school yet took time to  talk to me and distract me with dinners out and movie nights (we both love pride and prejudice, emma, little women and narnia!) She didn't let me dwell but she also was one of those people that were wise enough to know I wouldn't be over everything in a month or two....I'm blessed she let me balance talking and forgetting/distracting.

 Some game in 2010 
a 2009 game with ashley and alexandria, one of the other 2 girls that have such a special place in my heart for helping me through that time....but I will tell you all about Alexandria another time!

I also had agreed to take my sister to her cheer competition in florida. This turned out to be about 3 weeks after the you know what hit the fan. I had just gone through the worst and was functioning, but making it through life as a robot, and Ashley volunteered to come with me to Florida. She even drove so I wouldn't have to.  She was my first football date the fall after my engagement fell apart, and I still remember that game as my favorite game ever (well except the NC). Auburn beat Florida in exciting fashion. I told her I felt like Auburn's win was a gift from God ( I had a hard time coming back that year and had begged God for a fun day and a victory!)-- it helped me start replacing my AU football memories from the past two years with new memories, ex-free. Ever since then, we have gone to games each season together. She became my new and improved football date!! (Dear Auburn Team of 2006, you are welcome for my prayers. I am sure thats part of why you won that game :) !!! )

Auburn Florida 2006

Since then, we have been there for all the downs...the breakups, stressful law school and pharm school days, lonely single days, family drama, figuring out our 20s, starting jobs and just surviving life and all it throws at us. 

Ashley, Laura Ann and me in 2010

But don't think we were always sad. We've had great times too! She has been my best football date, my travel buddy, and my late night catch up friend (Ashley has a 3 br house yet I always sleep in her bed when I visit -- I just realized the other day ha.  I guess we just like catching up!)  We've been friends during new jobs, an undefeated season, and her meeting her soon to be hubby. I was able to rejoice with her when she got engaged and she has celebrated my big moments as well.

 This year we traveled to SC for the AU SC game

AU Southern Miss game with Laura Ann and Ashley

Ashley is generally quieter and less outgoing than me, but I always forget that, because she and I can talk about life for a long time. Despite our personalities being way different, there are several things about us that are a lot alike and I think thats what brings us together. Also, despite being quieter, she is really intense about football....and she was kind enough to let me go to her bachelorette weekend with pink eye (that she couldve caught!)

 6 wins in a row over bama....the last in our streak. Such a fun game.

Rolling toomers: Alexandria, Ashley and me

All this to say, Ashley is pretty amazing. Her one big flaw is she will read your texts over your shoulder if you don't watch her :) Her husband lucked out.  But, Brian, I was and always will be her #1 football date. :) My only hope is that my future husband likes this couple a lot because I know we will be friends for a long time to come!

And here are a couple pics of the lovebirds...

Disclaimer: I became very aware in making this post that all but 3-4 of my pics with ashley are at football games. We are pathetically singleminded in our favorite pastime I guess.

Note to Ashley: We will remedy that football themed picture problem this weekend. How about we both wear long dresses and pose??? :)