Sunday, May 23, 2010

during my first week of court....

During my first week of court, I.....

1. had a defendant hit on me
2. had a defendant show up drunk
3. had a defendant try to kidnap her daughter from the custodial parent
4. saw another attorney tell someone we couldn't help her get child support because technically she was not divorced from her previous marriage when she married again so she was a bigamist.
5. had a defendant ask me to drug test his kids because he believes that the momma is putting drugs in their food.
6. had a defendant ask me to hire him as my paralegal
7. had the bailiff escort a defendant out of courthouse....

all in a days work, friends!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Krakow, Poland

So finally, I am beginning to update on the 2nd legs of our journey. This time we have pictures.....

Krakow, Poland was unlike anywhere else I have been. It had old world charm but it was dirty and by dirty, I don't mean trashy like NYC of Nola, I mean literally dirty, as in dirt and dust on pretty buildings. Also it was pretty cheap. We would eat fancy meals (couple glasses of wine, maybe an appetizer, dinner and dessert) from nice restaurants for 3o bucks a piece, even cheaper than Prague.

We saw the Old Town Square -- the largest in Europe, Wawel Castle, and the Jewish Getto. We also went to a Jewish museum and then of course Auschwitz (which I will talk about on a different day)

Here are some pictures of our adventures in Krakow. Wait scratch that, my computer won't cooperate so pictures will come another day.

quick facts about my trip to Krakow
- surprisingly, our best meal of the trip came from Krakow. I had duck with a cherry sauce, veggies and a potato dish, wine and apple strudle for dessert (best apple pie/cake/strudle i have ever had!)
-there was a cool store that had different flavor infused vodkas in big glass containers on a wall. You picked out a bottle and they filled it for you. It was a neat "happy" to bring back to my friends --- I brought that and a bottle of wine so we could all have a little one night, easy way to get a gift for several people.
-it rained a lot but it seemed appropriate since the president had died and the country was in mourning with candles and walks around the city and flowers.
-we ate a traditional Jewish meal in the jewish quarter and I tried polish dumplings one day for lunch
-Polish people were quite friendly, very welcoming of Americans unlike some europeans

Here's the deal. If you are going on one trip to Europe and want to see the highlights, I would not suggest Krakow. There are more important places to see in europe. If you want off the beaten path --but still a city so there is enough to see and do OR if you like to see WW2/holocaust sites, this city is for you. Also, if you are making your 3rd/4th european trip, you might want to add Krakow in. I enjoyed it. I like saying I have gone to Poland. I feel I have seen a part of Europe most haven't. I feel like Poland is authentic, not too touristy. I enjoy learning about WW2 history, so It was important for me to see Auschwitz. However I was surprised by the fact that Krakow was an enjoyable city, not just a pit stop on the way to the concentration camp. I actually liked our time there. But, as I go back to europe, I will likely not go back to Krakow. Unlike Paris, Florence, Prague, etc, it was a one time place.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A prayer today for mothers.....

Today, i said many prayers for mothers....

I said a special prayer for my own mother who has put up with me - who was an incredibly outgoing busy opinionated sometimes difficult child. I said a prayer thanking God for giving me this mother and none other, knowing that we would have a special bond, and that she would have the strength to put up with 4 crazy kids! I said a prayer for my mother that she would continue to do a good job being a mother and a grandmother and that God would encourage her in this role.

I said a prayer of gratitude for the many other women who have influenced my life--who encouraged me and loved me - for my grandmothers, for my aunts, for my friends' mothers, sunday school teachers, mentors, etc. whom have all pointed me to Christ in some way.....what a blessing to have them in my life as well.

I said a prayer for many of my friends who are new moms--- with infants and toddlers. I prayed that they would be encouraged in these young years when there are sleepless nights and temper tantrums and learning the word "NO" and screaming the word "NO". I prayed for patience and rest and renewed strength. I also prayed for the many good moments too-- the cuddling, and falling asleep in your arms and bedtime prayers and first steps -- I prayed the good fun times outweigh the stressful times. I prayed these women have a support system as they parent young children to love the Lord and grow into great men and women!

I said a prayer for all of those who have lost their moms, whom miss them dearly and can't cook them a meal today, or buy them a card or say I love you. I prayed there would be comfort and joy in their hearts as they remember the good times and that the Lord would help ease their pain.

I said a prayer for the kids waiting for moms to adopt them, that their wait would not be long and that they would soon go home to a loving home with a mother who kisses their booboos and helps them with homework and bakes them cookies.

I prayed for my sisters, neither having children yet, that the Lord would continue to shape them to be women who would love sacrificially as mothers, the way our mother loved us. I prayed my brother would find a wife who would be a good mother as well.

I prayed for the many women, myself included, who are waiting to become mothers in the future, some who are just not to that stage yet (me) and some who have patiently waited and tried for children for years. I prayed God would work miracles and bring families and continue to prepare these women to be mothers. I prayed he would assure them of his goodness and soverignty as they wait. I prayed he would give them hope.

I prayed for mothers who have lost children and the grief they must feel today. I prayed God would meet them where they were and quietly comfort them in their heartache. I prayed that the Lord would bless them with memories and moments of joy during what must be a very difficult day.

Thank you Lord for creating mothers. How much better our lives are for having them!! Bless them all today and the rest of the year.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet Tea? a blog for all things southern.

My friend has started a southern magazine blog. Its in the beginning stages and has only been out for a week, but I highly suggest looking at it......

Its going to be such a great project. I am so proud of her. Check it out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 update

I know I have been promising an update involving Krakow (including Auschwitz) and Prague (including the countryside) but I have been so so busy here catching up at work AND enjoying life. I really am so so so happy in Jackson. I know my plan was always to move to DC and I love DC as well but I love my friends and my church here. I am truly blessed. I catch myself worrying because I am so happy. You know how it goes...never get to comfortable with a good life, because something bad must be around the corner. But I have decided that I should just be grateful that the Lord has blessed me with good days for now. There will be many many more rough times in my life, I am sure, BUT its nice to have a rest--especially after the stress of law school, finding a job, family stress, personal stress, etc. It is so nice just to enjoy living, and not be trying to make it through to the next step. God has truly blessed me in so many ways that I cant help being grateful. God is still good when times are tough, He is still present and faithful. I have wrestled with this and truly believe it, but he is kind and gracious to give us times that aren't challenging where we can truly just taste and see that the Lord is good.

The second reason I am postponing talking about my trip is because I want to tell y'all about my brave friend who is having twins and needs prayers. I have truly been impressed with her strength. So please be in prayer for these sweet little boys that you can read about here. I know you will be encouraged and even convicted by this family's strength. I ask that you continue to pray that the Lord protect and strengthen these little boys.

Hope everyone has been doing well.