Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally...an update

I know I have been promising an update involving Krakow (including Auschwitz) and Prague (including the countryside) but I have been so so busy here catching up at work AND enjoying life. I really am so so so happy in Jackson. I know my plan was always to move to DC and I love DC as well but I love my friends and my church here. I am truly blessed. I catch myself worrying because I am so happy. You know how it goes...never get to comfortable with a good life, because something bad must be around the corner. But I have decided that I should just be grateful that the Lord has blessed me with good days for now. There will be many many more rough times in my life, I am sure, BUT its nice to have a rest--especially after the stress of law school, finding a job, family stress, personal stress, etc. It is so nice just to enjoy living, and not be trying to make it through to the next step. God has truly blessed me in so many ways that I cant help being grateful. God is still good when times are tough, He is still present and faithful. I have wrestled with this and truly believe it, but he is kind and gracious to give us times that aren't challenging where we can truly just taste and see that the Lord is good.

The second reason I am postponing talking about my trip is because I want to tell y'all about my brave friend who is having twins and needs prayers. I have truly been impressed with her strength. So please be in prayer for these sweet little boys that you can read about here. I know you will be encouraged and even convicted by this family's strength. I ask that you continue to pray that the Lord protect and strengthen these little boys.

Hope everyone has been doing well.

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