Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: New restaurants and recipe!

This weekend was a lot of fun.  Dave was out of town until Sunday, so instead of having to balance BF and friends, I had a friend packed weekend starting with a girls night at the Library Lounge at the Fairview Inn.  I loved this place -- small tapas and specialty drinks (many were named after Mississippians!)  This was definitely a quieter scene than most bars. It was nice to go have a couple drinks and talk in a place that wasn't loud and crowded.

Saturday morning, I had breakfast with my "first friend" Laurie who I have known since infancy.  I loved getting to see her and her adorable daughter Finley.  Seriously, check out this cutie!

I worked Saturday and I use the term work loosely.  January seems to be a slow month in retail, understandably.  We have a couple busy times because of a few wedding showers coming up, but other than that, I spent time with one of the other employees registering me and I talked to my coworkers.

For dinner, I met my friend Chris and brother Blaise at Illegal Burrito.  QUICK FACT ABOUT ME: I LOVE MOES!! but we no longer have one in Jackson.  Illegal Burrito is fairly new and I thought it could be my fill-in for Moes. Plus one of my goals was to try new local restaurants this year (I tend to eat at my favorites all the time!) It was good. but not as good as Moe's!  However, I will eat there again! We then went to see the movie, Gangster Squad.  and I was pleasently surprised by how good it was-- and its based on a true story of a secret cop squad in LA who had the job of breaking down the LA mafia.  Actually, Dave and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook Sunday night and I expected to like that movie more than Gangster Squad but I prefered Gangster Squad more.  Sometimes you're surprised by what you like!

Sunday I got a lot done and cooked a late lowcarb lunch for Dave and me when he got home. One of my 30 by 30 resolutions was to cook new Sunday I started towards that goal.  This was a fairly simple recipe but one that Dave and I would both eat.  Dave admits to be a fairly picky eater.  So that limits us.  I am trying to eat low carb so that limits us too. Both limitations make it hard to find foods we both eat. Dave comes over for dinner several nights a week since his school is 2 miles from where I live and we just eat a lot of staples: chicken, beef, veggies, etc. After the wedding, I'll have a bit more free range in what I make because I won't be super low carb, but until then I am craving a little variety.

Dave LOVES pizza.  I MISS pizza. You may remember my cauliflower crust recipe which is low carb and tasty BUT dave does not like cauliflower.  So, I tried a different easy lowcarb crust recipe this weekend.  Dave liked it, didn't love it, but willingly ate 3 pieces! He said the crust was a little "different" which it is...however, to someone like me who is eating lowcarb, any crust is better than none!

Here's how to make the recipe:

Block of cream cheese
2 eggs
1/4 c. parmeson cheese

marinara sauce
1/4 c parmeson cheese
1 c mozzerella cheese
turkey pepperoni

Blend cream cheese (softened) and 2 eggs.  After its blended, add in 1/4 c parm. cheese.  spread in a 9x13 pan (sprayed with Pam) and cook for 17 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.

Take crust out of oven to cool for 10 minutes. Adjust temp. to 400.  After the crust cools spread marinara sauce with a little parmeson mixed in (I think I used almost 1 c. of marinara)  Add 1 c. mozzerella cheese. The place toppings: pepperoni, turkey pepperoni, veggies, chicken, etc.  Bake for 8 minutes (although I think I left mine in a bit longer.

If you are eating lowcarb and miss pizza/bread, try this.  You will know its not real bread but it gives the impression of bread and hits the spot.  Unfortunately, the pizza is more fattening with all that cream cheese (and I think you have to use full fat cream cheese to hold better, although I will be trying this with the lowfat version)

The pizza is thin which means you eat 2-3 pieces easilly.... so I think if you want a big serving, you can split the pan 3 ways (~ 520 calories) or split it 4 ways (~390 calories).  We served it with carrot sticks and had a pretty good sunday lunch! I will definitely be making it again!

Sunday night, I also worked on a goal of mine. Dave and I tried a new restaurant for date night: Islander (oysters and poboys).  I must admit, I was dissapointed.  The service was fine, but the food was just okay.  I would certainly eat there again if invited, but I probably wouldn't suggest the restaurant.  However, it was fun to have a date night and chat.  I swee Dave many times a week for dinner but we usually cook in and watch TV.  We then went to see Silver Linings Playbook which was okay, not bad, but not as good as everyone claimed it was.  I did like the ending though.  By the way, local Jacksonians, Parkways has movies for 5 dollars on Sunday nights which is why Dave and I often go see movies on Sunday nights because its basically half off!  You know I am all about finding Cheap Date Ideas and blogging about them, but seriously, you could easilly skip dinner and get popcorn, diet coke and two movie tickets for 21.00 total which is 10 dollars cheaper than a friday or saturday night movie.  I like Sundays because the ten dollars you save can cover the overpriced popcorn! I know this is not an original idea, but it is practical to consider seeing Sunday night movies or matinees!

So as far as my goals go, I tried two new restaurants and cooked one new recipe! Not bad for a typical low key weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Life Verse: Is. 43: 18-19

My 2013 life verse is....

"But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." Is. 43:18-19

The Lord has been good to bring rivers out of wasteland in my life.  As I rejoice in that, I have a few people who are close to me, waiting for God to redeem broken marriages, years of singleness, broken lives, loss, etc.  I chose this verse because of what God has done and what He can and will do in my life and the lives of those I love!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23/12 What I am Reading Wednesday

As I previously discussed, yesterday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  40 years of legalized abortion.  Here are some good articles on the subject:

1. There's a Better Way to Fight Abortion.

"But it is not enough to say that the child in the womb is precious. Key in the abortion battle is not simply to affirm how precious the baby is to God, but to declare how precious is the mother (another child of God), whom God made and knows and touches."

2. And truthfully, we all know they are killing babies.

To me, this fact is very sad.  I think pro-lifers thought for so long that the problem was awareness, that we needed to proove when a baby becomes a baby.  And, for a few people, that may be true.  Our arguments on when life begins may actually change minds, but many people realize that life begins (in some form) early on.  Its hard to ignore science!  And even though they know a fetus is living, they decide to overlook that fact.

This makes me angry.  It is one thing to think that you are fighting for the rights of women to just rid themselves of excess cells, but when you know that you are fighting for rights to end life, it angers me.  One was ignorance which is much more tolerable than advocating murder.

I will give pro choice people credit for this point though: feminists often argue from the perspective of the women, wanting fairness for women.  (They FAIL to argue from the standpoint of the child) Christians need to have a little more concern for women.  Pro-Choice people want women to have no more reproductive consequences than men do.  We can't biologically make that true, but we can help make those consequences less lonely. 

AND ALSO, some non abortion articles...


"we (I) use “but” to signal a tone of failure or despair – things not going the way we want. So true! I use “but” all the time to complain about my circumstances, marring something positive by connecting it to something negative.

However, here’s how God uses “but” in His Word:
  • “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Joseph speaking to his brothers in Genesis 50:20)
  • “You…put Him to death by nailing him to the cross. But God raised Him from the dead…because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on Him.” (Peter preaching to the crowds on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2:23-24)
  • “You were dead in your trespasses and sins…But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ.” (Ephesians 2:1-4)
When God uses “but,” it’s to highlight the hope and the victory that comes from His all-knowing, all-powerful, loving intervention in our seemingly hopeless situations. Amen. In each of these “but God” examples in Scripture, only a supernatural act of God could make what happened come to be.
“But” is a coordinating conjunction that signals a change or contrast. God is the change we need in our lives. God is the opposite of our fear, our worry, our loneliness. Those two words, “but God,” silence my negativity and doubt."

4. Also, sadly, one of my favorite law school professors passed away. Keep his family, students and other faculty in your prayers.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The real weapon against abortion

Today marks 40 years since Roe v. Wade and I, for one, am very dissapointed about how abortion is being fought against in this country...

Maybe you remember my struggle with Prop 26 and whether or not I should vote for it.  Although I very much believe abortion is wrong, I did (and still do) believe that amendment was poorly wordered and overinclusive and could have grave consequences.  At the end of the day, I decided to go against my better legal judgment and vote for the amendment, simply because it was the only amendment available and I thought the chance that it might save lives was greater than the chance that it might be broadly applied to things like birth control, etc.

Additionally, part of my issues with Prop 26 was the people advocating it.  I have some good God fearing friends who have a heart for the issue and have donated time, money and resources towards loving women facing unwanted pregnancies and towards adoption.  I also knew many people who have never stepped in a crisis pregnancy center, never cared for an unwed mother, never donated goods to Bethany for single moms, never thought about adoption, who wanted to make grand statements about Prop 26.  I've heard people talk poorly about those who consider abortion. These people seem to want legislation, but not any real involvement with women (and men) in a position to consider abortion.  Its easier to support when support doesn't require anything but voting and judgment.

Sadly many Christians fail to recognize that support and love of unwed mothers and active involvement in adoption is far more important than awareness, waiving signs, posting facebook statuses or placing a prolife sticker on your minivan. So, maybe its time to put down your fetus sign and hold the hand of a struggling teenage girl or help a waiting adoptive family with their adoption fundraiser.  Open your arms and hearts and maybe even homes to teenage girls who are facing unwanted pregnancies.

I've read some very critical words on Christian websites/articles talking about how women sin by abortion (leaving the man's responsibility out) and placing a lot of shame and judgment on women in tough situations.

The thing is, I understand how a teenage girl might choose abortion.  It likely isn't a decision made because of lack of awareness (we tend to think that they aren't aware that what's growing in them is an actual baby).  Its a decision made because of fear and a lack of support.  I'm from the Bible Belt, the deep south, so I can easilly imagine the sinking feeling of knowing you have 9 months of judgment ahead of you, maybe even more.  I have supportive parents but many girls don't.  If the father and their family bails on them or would bail on them, I can understand how one considers "fixing" the problem.

But what if the thought of an unwanted pregnancy seemed a little less scary and lonely?  What if girls knew that believers and the church would take care of them? What if they felt that they would have support in raising a baby alone or could find a loving home for their child?

So, thats my thoughts for today -- I have no grand conservative attack plan for how to end abortion.  I certainly think we need to continue to fight against abortion in a legal sense.  But, I also think that will take awhile and we can help save lives (babies and moms) by actual having concern for those affected.

Today, I think, of all the anger filled, attackful Prop 26 statuses I saw on facebook in the weeks before the vote (some righteous anger, some hateful anger), how many of those people have actually reached out to an unwed mother since then?  In the past year, how many have considered adoption?  How many have donated time and goods to pregnancy centers?

Voting against abortion and speaking out against abortion is a good thing, but if we don't put action behind our words, then our words mean nothing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

30 by 30 list

So begins 2013 and additionally its  the start of my 30th year.  I turned 29 Saturday. In some ways, I think GROSS, I am so so old.  In other ways, 29 is already appearing to be a great year with an upcoming wedding to my fav guy! I thought instead of a New Years Resolution post and a Goals before 30 post, I'd do one big combined post.

Some of these goals are small or silly (ex: wear a sequin dress) and some are big (ex: run a marathon)

1. Marry my favorite person on June 28!

2. Read atleast one new book a month.

I used to read a lot, but now my job is so much reading!  I need to aim to get back in the hobby,

3. Do 6 pinterest projects.

I always pin these, but never do them!
4. Run a marathon.

I trained for one this year, got up to 21 miles but had to miss it due to a family emergency.  I'm about to start training again and I think aim to run one after the wedding!

5. Lose 15 pounds by my wedding date.

6. Wear a sequin dress!

I wear sequin skirts but I've only worn a sequin dress in high school. They have been in style for a couple of years and I have one in  my closet that I am trying to get the nerve to wear!

7. Read through the entire Bible

My friend Chris read through the Bible in the last year before he died.  (Of course he did not know he was dying!) If I died next year, I will have never read the entire Bible.  I am aiming to do that this year!

8. Try one new recipe a month.

I cook the same things over and over...and with a busy life, its easy to cook chilli, chicken, etc weekly. But I do actually like to cook some, and need to make myself try the recipes I've pinned!
9. Do a 30 day Ab challenge.

10. Decorate my bedroom.

I already started to this goal.  I ordered new pillows.  I want to add a rug, artwork, some new furniture and window treatments.  The window treatments (and likely furniture) will wait until Dave and I move somewhere because I have no idea what our bedroom will look like!
11. Get control of my rosecea.

I am researching triggers and scheduling a dermatoligist apt!

12. Catch up on all doctor's/ dentist's appointments.

13. Become a better thankyou note writer. Write love notes to Dave. and encouraging notes to friends.
I used to be good at writing thankyou notes, not so much anymore. My friends are far better than I am!  Wedding thankyous will give me plenty of practice.  And I want to thank friends for birthday gifts, happies, well as encourage them.

Also, when Dave and I first started dating, I left him sweet notes all the time.  Now, not so much.  I want to make sure I continue to do that in our marriage.
14. Send out PICTURE Christmas cards.

I am so excited to send out grownup Christmas cards.  Being southern, everyone sends out picture cards and I send out boring box cards because no one wants a pic of just me! But this year Dave and I can send out picture cards from our new home!

15. Begin WEEKLY praying for my single friends.

I was so good about spending one lunch a week, fasting and praying for myself and my single friends.  Recently I have slacked! I am changing that but getting back on the bandwagon.  I have shared about my friend Sarah who prayed for me and I want to be praying for my friends too.  Her prayers were such encouragement and I truly believe a part of Dave and my story.

16. Try 10 new restaurants.

I am in a rut with restaurants. I eat at the same ones all the time.  But this year I am branching out some - between new local restaurants, travelling, etc, I'd like to eat at 10 new places!

17. Lift weights/tone up.

I am bad about just doing cardio. But seeing my arms in a wedding dress reminded me that I need to lift weights...starting today at lunch!
18. Honeymoon goals: Go wine tasting in Napa, Bike the Golden Gate Bridge.

We are currently planning and saving for all the fun things we want to do on our honeymoon!

19. Learn to appropriately wear black and brown together!

Is someone good at this. Please help me!

20. Spend an entire weekend with no obligations.

I want a weekend where I don't have to work or go to a party or help someone out.  I am known for overbooking myself and Dave always tries to slow me down.  I would like a weekend where I can just watch netflix all day and clean and sleep and order takeout!

21. Start a couple "Robertson" family traditions.

We are starting a new family which needs new traditions.  I'd love to come up with holiday traditions or weekly traditions? Sunday spaghetti night? Friday date night? etc....  Even though we will likely be coming home for Christmas, I am still excited about planning a meal for Dave and me!

22. Use our fine china twice.

I love love love the fine china I picked.  I recently realized that some families don't eat a lot of meals on their fine china on a nicely set table.  We did eat several meals a year this way in my family and I loved it.  It always felt special!  I want to make sure Dave and I use our china twice this year, even if just for the two of us!

23. Take a hunters safety course and get my license.

This goal is for Dave!

24. Pay off my credit card.

25. Frame artwork and pictures.

It is ridiculous how many prints I have in my room that need to be framed!  Slowly I need to do that!

26. Learn to sew on a button and fix all my broken clothes.

27.  Find a job or study for the Bar Exam.

Wherever we move, I will have to find a new job and probably take a Bar Exam in another state.  By my 30th birthday, I would like to either have a job or be prepping for the Bar Exam (February) while working some part time job.  I don't think I have it in me to be a stay at home wife for long (and I also don't think we'd like being that poor!)

28. Create a married monthly budget.

29. BECOME a better weekly planner: cook ahead of time, bed before 11, plan workouts.

My weeks go better when I shop on Sundays, meal plan, plan out my days and sometimes even cook ahead of time!

30.  Take  weekend trips with Dave.

Dave and I will likely be moving away from Jackson (sad, yet exciting)  I want us to fully explore wherever we move!  Our goal is to take little wkd/day trips to surrounding areas of whichever city we end up in, that way we see all the area has to offer! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Life Verse

Could my 2012 life verse have been more perfect for this year? It truly was a year where the Lord did not turn away from doing good to me.  I also feel it was a year that I grew in fear of the Lord.

"I will make with them an everlasting covenant, that I will not turn away from doing good to them. And I will put the fear of me in their hearts, that they may not turn from me." Jeremiah 32:40

Time for a 2013 LIFE verse, actually its past time (by 18 days!) Here are my two options for 2013:

"But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland."  Is. 43:18-19

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.'The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,“therefore I will hope in him.'” Lamentations 3: 22-24

Both seem so perfect for my life right now.  God is doing new things and bringing new mercies and faithful through hard times and waiting and heartbreak.  I also am trusting that he will have new mercies and do new things in Dave's and my lives as we look for jobs and a place to live, etc.
Which one would you chose? Or do you have another verse you would suggest?

Also, what is your 2013 life verse?

Monday, January 14, 2013

SaVe ThE dAtE

Save the date: JUNE 28, 2013!

I know, I still haven't actually blogged about the proposal.  I need to sit down one night and type it out.  But life has been crazy with Christmas, work, Chris's death, planning, etc.

So far we have managed to plan:
  • ceremony and venue site
  • caterer/florist (through the venue)
  • photographer
  • band
  • dress
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • ceremony musicians (maybe)
As far as the look or feel of the wedding, I have no idea.  With a 6 month engagement and a June wedding, I have just been concerned about booking vendors.  The details can happen slowly. I wanted the stressful booking portion done with as soon as possible, so Dave and I can spend most of our engagement prepping for marriage since that is far more important....and having a little fun together too.

On that note, I have started looking at books on marriage. The only two I have at the moment are "The Meaning of Marriage" by Keller and "Things I wish We'd Known before We got Married" by Gary Chapman.

What marriage reading would y'all reccomend?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bacon and Rosemary Brussel Sprouts

This Christmas I discovered that I LOVE Brussel Sprouts!  My mom made a delicious recipe for Christmas so I decided to find some new ways to cook Brussel Sprouts.  Luckilly I just bought a veggie cookbook so I tried one of the recipes in there.

You will need:

  • one pound of brussel sprouts
  • 1/4 cup EVOO
  • 2 TBSP unsalted butter
  • 2 ounces of bacon, cut up -- I actually just fried up several pieces and cut them in to tiny pieces, so I have no idea if I used 2 ounces
  • sprinkle of salt
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
1. Cut Brussel Sprouts into 1/4s or even 1/6s (if they are large)
2. Cook Bacon and cut it into pieces
3. Pour 1/4 c of EVOO in a skillet.
4. Add the Brussel Sprouts, 2 sprigs of Rosemary and bacon
5. Stir on lowheat, cooking the brussel sprouts for 28-32 min or until tender.
6. Pull the Rosemary sprigs out.
7. Pull skillet off the heat and add 2 TBSP of unsalted butter, cut up and a sprinkle of salt
8. Stir up Brussel Sprouts until butter is melted.


Monday, January 7, 2013

War Dame Eagle (picture fixed!! sorry!)

I thought this picture was cute!

Southerners who hate Alabama (which is southerners from almost every other SEC school) --- who are y'all cheering for ?? I hate to pull for bama. But I hate to pull against the SEC! Such a dilemma in tonight's BCS matchup!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I loved this article on how blaming women for their singleness isn't really helping. I had to share.
What I hated during my single days (and I don't mean that to sound like I am so far past my single days because I am not!) is the constant shame and blame you got as a single.  I've spoken of this before.

Whether its Christian authors, speakers of well-meaning friends and family (or not so well meaning friends and family), there is constantly a desire to explain why so many people in my generation are still single....and usually the blame is placed on us. (forgetting to face the fact that many many 20somethings grew up in divorced homes or witnessing divorced homes).

There is a lot of blame or explination of why men are still single (the video game culture, extended childhoods, etc) but there always seems to be a critique on women (or maybe I felt this the most since I am a woman)....particularly on working women (although I still beg the question: what are women supposed to do while waiting for a spouse? Even those that want to be SAHM's have to support themselves until that point!)

Sometimes I read or was told that because I am a lawyer, I didn't value marriage enough and gave off the impression that I was too independent and career oriented.  Sometimes I was told the opposite: I wanted marriage too much which must be chasing men away.  Some views were that certainly I was too unfriendly and unwelcoming to men.  Sometimes the impression was that I must be too forward, not letting men be men.  My standards must be too high, passing on all eligible men.  My standards must be too low, settling for men who don't have my values and beliefs and it will certainly fail and then I'll be single again and wondering why my dating relationships don't work! 

Not only was I blamed, I was blamed either way I turned!  No matter what I did, I was at fault.

Additionally, I need to lose weight, dress differently, always be done up, be gorgeous....all while lowering my expectations of how I want the man to look.  Men's attraction is based on appearance after all, and we women shouldn't be too picky because we don't value appearance at all and need not hold men to the same physical standards they hold us to. (note: I agree on not placing too much value on appearance, but I find it unfair that men are allowed to yet women shouldn't!)

Additionally, I must have a difficult personality or be bitter.  Maybe I'm a little strange....possibly I'm not very feminine and warm. There's always a reason....and in some ways, I get it, we want to explain away the situation.  Certainly so many women must be single for a reason!

Also, many times, this blaming comes from those who are married, implying: get your act together lady so you can be mariable like me.  There's a level of false prosperity gospel being taught with these messages on singleness and a level of pride in being one of the ones who were marriable.

This approach of blaming leaves women struggling with singleness (which they already were struggling!) and on top of that, hating and blaming themselves. But finally I came to the realization that I had some things I could change about my personality, appearance and approach, but as a whole, there was nothing that made me unmarriable...just circumstances. 

That's why I loved this article.  The truth is that with the ratio of Christian men to Christian women (3:2), there are a lot of single women. Likely, thats not changing any time soon and sadly, we will continue to see older singles. Is the best thing the church and Christians can do? Make women feel horrible about themselves?  If some women face many years single, then perhaps the church can encourage dating and marriage, help train Godly men and at the very least, be a shelter and place of community for singles, particularly single women.

I'm actually not opposed to dating advice and self help books and I truly do think that if you have weight to lose, lose it (single or married) and it might help you date more. You probably have things you can do to improve your personality and I sure hope you do.  And I sure plan on continuing to work on myself, even with a ring on my hand.  I didn't suddenly become good enough.  And had I never gotten married, I'd still have a whole list of wonderful personality traits (and some not so good one). 

Do I know some women who its understandable why they aren't married? sure....but I know a lot more women that I am left scratching my head and wondering how she is not taken yet....and I know a few women who are difficult that are married!!There are mean women who are married and mean women who are single, so the sweet kind women aren't those who get to get married.

So do yourself a favor. If you are single, quit listening to everyone come up with reasons why you are single: independence, shyness, law degree, etc  Trust the counsel of a few close people and work on your flaws, but know that providence and circumstances may have more to do with your singlness than anything else.  If you aren't single, don't associate marital status with success or favor or being qualified.  Love your single sisters and include them.  Offer encouragement, love and even the occasional advice (no, carhart overalls aren't a good first date clothing choice, etc) -- but don't offer blame.  You aren't any better....It could just as easilly be you that was single.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 has been one of the hardest and best years of my life, all at I am both sad and happy to see it go.  I started dating Dave (technically we met in 2011) and am now planning to spend all my days withs him.  Clearly I've had prayers answered and times of waiting end.  The Lord is faithful and His mercies are new every morning.

My sweet NYE date!

I've also had loss and trials and have witnessed a lot of pain around me for those I love (and myself) including loss, death and divorce.  As our preacher said on Christmas Eve night, Christmas is really about the hope that comes from the birth of One who came to EVENTUALLY make all sad things untrue.  I think many of my family and friends felt that hope in a unique but hard way this year.

As a whole, 2012 was pretty good and pretty unique in my life.  Usually, being the black and white thinker that I am, I rate a year (or anything really) as good or bad- and this was both REALLY good and REALLY hard all at once!  God showed me His provision, His graciousness and His goodness, but He also let me (and my family) walk through some tough times, faithfully holding our hands and sustaining us.

So, if I could sum up 2012 in one word, it would be: Faithful. Faithful to answer prayers and provide.  Faithful to walk us through tough times.  Faithful to love us through good and bad.