Monday, January 21, 2013

30 by 30 list

So begins 2013 and additionally its  the start of my 30th year.  I turned 29 Saturday. In some ways, I think GROSS, I am so so old.  In other ways, 29 is already appearing to be a great year with an upcoming wedding to my fav guy! I thought instead of a New Years Resolution post and a Goals before 30 post, I'd do one big combined post.

Some of these goals are small or silly (ex: wear a sequin dress) and some are big (ex: run a marathon)

1. Marry my favorite person on June 28!

2. Read atleast one new book a month.

I used to read a lot, but now my job is so much reading!  I need to aim to get back in the hobby,

3. Do 6 pinterest projects.

I always pin these, but never do them!
4. Run a marathon.

I trained for one this year, got up to 21 miles but had to miss it due to a family emergency.  I'm about to start training again and I think aim to run one after the wedding!

5. Lose 15 pounds by my wedding date.

6. Wear a sequin dress!

I wear sequin skirts but I've only worn a sequin dress in high school. They have been in style for a couple of years and I have one in  my closet that I am trying to get the nerve to wear!

7. Read through the entire Bible

My friend Chris read through the Bible in the last year before he died.  (Of course he did not know he was dying!) If I died next year, I will have never read the entire Bible.  I am aiming to do that this year!

8. Try one new recipe a month.

I cook the same things over and over...and with a busy life, its easy to cook chilli, chicken, etc weekly. But I do actually like to cook some, and need to make myself try the recipes I've pinned!
9. Do a 30 day Ab challenge.

10. Decorate my bedroom.

I already started to this goal.  I ordered new pillows.  I want to add a rug, artwork, some new furniture and window treatments.  The window treatments (and likely furniture) will wait until Dave and I move somewhere because I have no idea what our bedroom will look like!
11. Get control of my rosecea.

I am researching triggers and scheduling a dermatoligist apt!

12. Catch up on all doctor's/ dentist's appointments.

13. Become a better thankyou note writer. Write love notes to Dave. and encouraging notes to friends.
I used to be good at writing thankyou notes, not so much anymore. My friends are far better than I am!  Wedding thankyous will give me plenty of practice.  And I want to thank friends for birthday gifts, happies, well as encourage them.

Also, when Dave and I first started dating, I left him sweet notes all the time.  Now, not so much.  I want to make sure I continue to do that in our marriage.
14. Send out PICTURE Christmas cards.

I am so excited to send out grownup Christmas cards.  Being southern, everyone sends out picture cards and I send out boring box cards because no one wants a pic of just me! But this year Dave and I can send out picture cards from our new home!

15. Begin WEEKLY praying for my single friends.

I was so good about spending one lunch a week, fasting and praying for myself and my single friends.  Recently I have slacked! I am changing that but getting back on the bandwagon.  I have shared about my friend Sarah who prayed for me and I want to be praying for my friends too.  Her prayers were such encouragement and I truly believe a part of Dave and my story.

16. Try 10 new restaurants.

I am in a rut with restaurants. I eat at the same ones all the time.  But this year I am branching out some - between new local restaurants, travelling, etc, I'd like to eat at 10 new places!

17. Lift weights/tone up.

I am bad about just doing cardio. But seeing my arms in a wedding dress reminded me that I need to lift weights...starting today at lunch!
18. Honeymoon goals: Go wine tasting in Napa, Bike the Golden Gate Bridge.

We are currently planning and saving for all the fun things we want to do on our honeymoon!

19. Learn to appropriately wear black and brown together!

Is someone good at this. Please help me!

20. Spend an entire weekend with no obligations.

I want a weekend where I don't have to work or go to a party or help someone out.  I am known for overbooking myself and Dave always tries to slow me down.  I would like a weekend where I can just watch netflix all day and clean and sleep and order takeout!

21. Start a couple "Robertson" family traditions.

We are starting a new family which needs new traditions.  I'd love to come up with holiday traditions or weekly traditions? Sunday spaghetti night? Friday date night? etc....  Even though we will likely be coming home for Christmas, I am still excited about planning a meal for Dave and me!

22. Use our fine china twice.

I love love love the fine china I picked.  I recently realized that some families don't eat a lot of meals on their fine china on a nicely set table.  We did eat several meals a year this way in my family and I loved it.  It always felt special!  I want to make sure Dave and I use our china twice this year, even if just for the two of us!

23. Take a hunters safety course and get my license.

This goal is for Dave!

24. Pay off my credit card.

25. Frame artwork and pictures.

It is ridiculous how many prints I have in my room that need to be framed!  Slowly I need to do that!

26. Learn to sew on a button and fix all my broken clothes.

27.  Find a job or study for the Bar Exam.

Wherever we move, I will have to find a new job and probably take a Bar Exam in another state.  By my 30th birthday, I would like to either have a job or be prepping for the Bar Exam (February) while working some part time job.  I don't think I have it in me to be a stay at home wife for long (and I also don't think we'd like being that poor!)

28. Create a married monthly budget.

29. BECOME a better weekly planner: cook ahead of time, bed before 11, plan workouts.

My weeks go better when I shop on Sundays, meal plan, plan out my days and sometimes even cook ahead of time!

30.  Take  weekend trips with Dave.

Dave and I will likely be moving away from Jackson (sad, yet exciting)  I want us to fully explore wherever we move!  Our goal is to take little wkd/day trips to surrounding areas of whichever city we end up in, that way we see all the area has to offer! 

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