Monday, January 14, 2013

SaVe ThE dAtE

Save the date: JUNE 28, 2013!

I know, I still haven't actually blogged about the proposal.  I need to sit down one night and type it out.  But life has been crazy with Christmas, work, Chris's death, planning, etc.

So far we have managed to plan:
  • ceremony and venue site
  • caterer/florist (through the venue)
  • photographer
  • band
  • dress
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • ceremony musicians (maybe)
As far as the look or feel of the wedding, I have no idea.  With a 6 month engagement and a June wedding, I have just been concerned about booking vendors.  The details can happen slowly. I wanted the stressful booking portion done with as soon as possible, so Dave and I can spend most of our engagement prepping for marriage since that is far more important....and having a little fun together too.

On that note, I have started looking at books on marriage. The only two I have at the moment are "The Meaning of Marriage" by Keller and "Things I wish We'd Known before We got Married" by Gary Chapman.

What marriage reading would y'all reccomend?


  1. I also liked The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason. Pipers book called This Momentary Marriage is good too. My best advice would be to read them, mark them up, then come back to them again in a year or two...and again a year or two after that! It's amazing the differences in things that resonate with you at different stages in marriage. I have several marriage books that I've read more than once, and each time I read them they teach me different things.

  2. Ahhh!! I'm so excited for you! And I cannot believe how much you have gotten done--that's amazing! You should be a wedding planner!


  3. You've been busy! I recommend the first four chapters of Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Lewman. Save the rest of the book for after marriage. Danica loves to give that book to friends so don't be surprised if you receive it as a gift!