Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mermaid Cafe

Mermaid Cafe..... 4/5 for food 2/5 for service 5/5 for atmosphere

My friends and I went here the night after I ran my first half marathon to celebrate! I was so excited to try this unique beachy place on Lake Caroline out in Madison County. It is about a 20+ minute drive to the suburbs, way out in the suburbs but for atmosphere, it is well worth the drive. BP and tar balls are keeping me from my favorite place, the beach, so dinner on the lake in a beachy seafood restaurant with a front porch and casual atmosphere was great. Made me feel like I was living a slower pace of life....

What wasn't nice though was the slower pace of service, just because I want the slower beach atmosphere doesn't mean I want slow service-- which is exactly what we received. In fact, my friend ordered crab and brie soup which arrived AFTER the meal. Not acceptable.

But the food was good. Of course, I am a fish lover. I would eat seafood over steak any day of the week, so if you cook it well, I will most likely love it. I ordered crab and brie soup with a main course of tilapia and potatoes and then, key lime pie with an oreo crust for dessert because well, I ran 13.1 miles that day, I deserved it :-)

Check it out: MERMAID CAFE

Everyone was really pleased with the food, but the lackluster service lowered our overall experience. Would I eat there again? Probably yes. The service could have been that one waiter.....but 2's my limit, its definitely not 3 strikes your out for dining!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I have been up to lately....

Taylor Swift/ Keith Urban concert with Claire...

Memorial Day Cookout......

Rooftop Party in Fondren.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I LOVE the book of Ruth. I love that it is about heros and faith and romance and providence.

I have listened to Mark Driscoll's famous series on Ruth multiple times. Each time I learn so much. For instance, most commentators criticize Naomi....she grew bitter, and everyone knows bitterness is a sin. It is a picture of how we are not supposed to be. But, he sees it differently. She grows bitter and indeed it is a sin, BUT she should be praised in her approach. When she returns to Bethlehem, she announces to her friends, family, community, "I am bitter. I left full, I come back empty." What did she do when she was struggling with this particular sin? She came to God and to His people. She did not try to hide it or fix it on her on. She put herself in Christian community for support encouragement, prayer, a shoulder to cry on, even correction and discipline as she tackled her bitterness. See what I am talking about?? This is cool stuff he uncovers...something I never got from Ruth before!!

Today, on my least favorite day of the year, I listened to it again and this is what I learned this time....

In sermon 3, he talked about was how Boaz was a "r"edeemer (not "R"edeemer). He talked about how God used him as redemption in Ruth's life....the book literally starts with a funeral and ends with a wedding and baby. He came in and played the role of hero to a woman who was destitute. Driscoll makes the point to Christian boys that having a Christian checklist can cause them to miss strong amazing women....expecting almost perfect "Christian from Christian families who have never known pain" women. He makes the point that Boaz married a woman who was dirty, dirt poor gleaming in the fields, a recent Christian convert, widow, not a Virgin, from a Pagan culture known for perversion, who does not have an involved family (her dad was not involved in the whole story), etc.....not who most "Christian Guys" would pick. But she was faithful -- having converted on the road to Bethlehem and literally after being saved for maybe 5 minutes, choosing to follow her bitter mother in law to a Hebrew country (where the likelihood of people liking her due to her Moab background was slim), giving up everything she knew. Thats faith! Then she went to work in the fields to provide for her mother in law-- LOYALTY! And although not the perfect Christian with the perfect Christian background, she was a blessing as a wife because she was strong and had withstood hardship building character and trust through sanctified suffering. Driscoll made the point that why so many men look for the perfect idea of a Christian woman, they might miss out on the strength and character that an "imperfect" redeemed woman could bring to the marriage.

Indeed it is a blessing to grow up in a Christian home with a good life where you can never claim a day where you did not know of the gospel. I was blessed to have that, but I was so encouraged to be reminded that the Lord loves and uses the imperfect-- those who did not grow up Christian, those who have been divorced, or are single moms, widows, had sexual pasts, or maybe, in my case, broken engagements. And I was also encouraged to know that wise godly men love these women too-- that in a way a hurtful past can be a blessing on a marriage....bringing wisdom, strength, character, loyalty, etc. How wonderful to know the Lord redeems even the worst of situations! If he redeemed Ruth, He can redeem the situations of so many women I know! It also encouraged me to challenge myself and my friends not to look for the "perfect Christian" guy with the perfect family, perfect past, but to look for the godly man who the Lord has redeemed.

I encourage everyone to listen to the Ruth Mars Hill Church. These are just two of the things I have learned but the 6 sermons deal with God's hand in suffering, redemption, risk, blessing, etc. Such neat stuff to learn!!