Friday, April 23, 2010

I am back!

So I know I still need to update on Krakow and Prague, but a short update on my last 5 days. Due to a volcano in Iceland (yes all the way in Iceland) I was stranded in Prague for 4 extra days.

However, I was pretty lucky to have a hotel room that did not mark up the price, a friend who was stranded with me, and to be in Prague, both beautiful with fun little day trips to entertain us and you can eat and travel cheaply bc it is a former soviet bloc country. We were able to stay at our 4 star hotel for about 50 dollars a piece a night with cable ( a few english channels), a huge breakfast, large flatscreen tv, sitting room, free wifi, and comfy bed. Also, a little plug for our hotel-- the Red and Blue Design Hotel in Prague. The people were so kind to all of us stranded and the hotel is in a good location (main part but not so central that its loud in the touristy parts). It is also a really good deal. If I went back, I would stay there after how well they treated us.

Once I mourned the fact that I was going to be missing 4 days of work (unpaid) and I would be spending more money for hotel and food, I calmed down and realized well, I am going to be broke for the next 2 mths no matter what, so I might as well enjoy myself (although not too lavishly) I wont likely take another vacation for 6 mths so I was not going to just sit in the room all week.

So, we went on a jazz cruise of Prague at night, went to Melnik to tour a palace and take a wine tour, went to Karlovy Vary which is a spa town and enjoyed the hots springs mineral water and cheap massages. We also enjoyed different restaurants, some extremely rich hot cocoa at this cute cafe, and some shopping. More updates later on our entire trip, but truthfully, I loved Prague and love it even more after the people were so kind to us after we were stuck there. I would list it in my top 3 cities (along with Paris and DC)

Will catch y'all up later. I am now just glad to be at home - had lunch with a friend, dinner with friends tonight, then out for drinks if I can stay awake. I love Jackson and think its good that I missed it so much this week. I am where I need to be for now.

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