Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend!

I doubt I could have planned a better Easter weekend. I feel so blessed to be living the life I am living now. Certainly there are things I want and hope for, but I have good family, friends, job, and a relationship with my Savior. And, I particularly love Spring and the weather. I doubt anyone can be depressed in 70 degree weather, atleast I can never manage to be!

Friday, my sister (Marley) came with me to Highland's good friday service. This service is more serious (despite everyone being dressed in jeans and work clothes because they just came from work/school/etc.) There is communion and a focus on the death of our Savior because of our sins...I think taking the time to focus on the sorrow of the cross made the Joy of the ressurection even greater for me on Sunday. Afterwards we went to a cookout with young adults (and a few babies!) at my friend Becca's house. It was BYOM (bring your own meat) and marley and I brought shis kabobs..so good. After the cookout, I went to a friend's house. He had invited a bunch of us over to fronch porch sit, have a drink and chat. This is what I love about spring--- its so cheap! No pressure to go to a restaurant or bar. Its more fun to cookout or sit outside on a porch or balcony!

Saturday I had an early morning run then cleaned up and got an Easter pedicure. Then I met up with several friends from high school at the King Edward Hotel Bar. It was fun catching up with people I grew up with....even if its only once or twice a year when we are all in town, there is something comforting about the fact that I have known these girls since childhood. We may not be best friends, but we have known eachother a LONG time!

Sunday morning, I went to early morning service then 2 friends (Lisa and Ashton) joined my family for our Sunday lunch in Oxford, MS then going to the baseball game. It was a perfect day for a baseball game. My cheeks are a little pink and my legs are definitely darker from soaking in the sunshine while watching the rebels. Of course, the rebs did not win. I am convinced they cannot win on Sundays, they need a sunday pitcher. That was the only sad moment of the entire weekend.

I needed a weekend that was just about hanging out and having fun and getting stuff done...no baby showers or weddings or birthday parties or all weekend trips...just fun with friends and family.

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