Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short update on Krakow.. more to come....

I love Krakow. It is a very beautiful oldworld different city. It is not a place I will likely come back but it is a place few have been so I am grateful to have gone. We have spent the past 2 days seeing the Old Jewish Quarters and getto, the quaint town square with local shops, eating GOOD CHEAP food and going to Auschwitz.

a few key points:
(1) Auschwitz is the one of the hardest things I have ever had to see. I am glad I did it but will never go back (unless I take my kids). I think it is important to see, I am still upset about it and will have to think about it some more before really talking about it.
(2) Eastern Europe -even Poland, a part of the EU- is cheap. We have eaten good meals--with wine and dessert and appetizer both nights for very cheap (25-30 a person; 130-180 here)
(3) Whereas I did not like German food, I LOVE polish food - I tried traditional polish food, polish baked treats at a bakery, a jewish meal and a restaurant at a place AK discovered where all the "foodies"go-- polish with a western european twist -- i had duck with cherry sauce, SO SO SO SO good.
(4) I bought goodies for family member (some of them, and will continue to buy some more in prague)

More later. We leave tomorrow for Prague. Cant wait! But sad to leave this charming city!

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