Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankfulness 101-105

Thankful #101

Today I am thankful for people in my life that are last minute. I like plans so sometimes not having any plans stresses me out, but sometimes surprises are good. yesterday afternoon, my BF asked if he could come see me (hes in a different town)-- I said yes, but was a little stressed that I had not planned dinner or something to do.  But we had a fun time cooking burgers, visiting my grandparents, and watching TV.

Some of my most fun memories are spur of the moment events with friends....  I sure couldn't live my life without plans but it is nice when sometimes plans change for an evening or two. Its nice to have people in my life who are a little more go with the flow than I am!

Thankful #102

Having Good Friday off.  I have tomorrow off, but we didnt find out about it til surprise! Getting a mani/pedi, celebrating a friends bday, and maybe a movie or pool time (if I can find someone who has a pool and wants to go...yes I know second time in two days I have talked about the pool, I am kindof obsessed right now)

Thankful #103

My new colored jeans. They are so fun and make me feel like a youngen'  and since Friday is jeans day and today is technically a Friday, I am sporting my cranberry colored jeans from AT Loft.

Thankful #104

I love this song. I downloaded it awhile ago because I hate hearing it at just easter.
My favorite lyrics:

Oh death, where is your sting?
Oh hell, where is your victory?
Oh church, come stand in the light,
the glory of God has defeated the night!

Thankful #105

Dinner with a sweet friend tonight and meeting her daughter (and dinner with 2 other girls too, but they don't have any new babies I haven't met yet!) This little girl is a miracle.  They thought early on they would lose her and they prayed for the baby and the babys mom was convinced the Lord would save her pregnancy. It was neat to see the Lord protect her and the baby.

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