Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Hope Deferred

I loved this post and had to share.... a hope deferred. Something we have all experianced.  The passage discussed in this article talks about Caleb waiting for the promise land until he was 40, and then through sins of others (how true this is regarding sometimes when we have to wait-- either do to our sin or sins of others!!), having to wait over 40 more years in the wilderness to get there....how dissapointing, and yet he was obediant and kept up his hope through living well during the delay!! And although I love the biblical passages about women waiting for marriage or more commonly, children, I LOVED this passage even more because it didn't focus on something so specific.....

why? because I will always be hoping for something. It may not be a mate or children or a job I love (obviously things I am waiting for now). And I can always look to Caleb and see how to handle my waiting. And you know what, not only will I always be waiting....So will you. So will your children and your spouse and your friends.  Some hopes are fulfilled quickly, and some take awhile.  Sometimes those that take awhile have obvious answers to the question: "why did I wait Lord?" and sometimes those questions don't have answers (or atleast answers we see here on earth.) Some are never fulfilled, atleast not the way we would like them fulfilled or we think is best.

Usually I will be waiting for something on earth-- some opportunity, some improved relationship, etc...but even if I had the husband, the career, the kids, the white picket fence and the dog, I will still be waiting for heaven.  Like Caleb, we are ALL waiting for the promised land....so what are we going to do in the meantime?

My favorite portion of the article:

Caleb reminds me to steward well the season of delay, meeting God’s provision with thanksgiving instead of complaining, believing in God’s goodness instead of doubting it. Caleb fought for his inheritance all those years by living in faith, marrying, having children—rejoicing fully in what God had for him at that time, yet never losing sight that greater things were coming.

Because Caleb believed his future was worth fighting for, so was his present. When the future arrived, he was not disappointed. Redemption flourished in his aged body, and with a vigor and faith greater than that of the others, he rushed forward to receive his promise—no resentment, no regrets.

How will I live my life in the waiting?? during my single years and during my life here on earth?

Sometimes, during my single years, I have wasted opportunities by mourning the past and being selfish with my time.  Sometimes, and hopefully more and more the older I get, I have taken time to be a hostess, get an education, travel, minister, be involved in church , take care of the sick and hurting, date and meet all types of men, make an incredible group of friends.

So many people I know are waiting these days-- for something.  A husband, a wife, children, health, a job, the economy to bounce back, a healed relationship, finishing school.  I am praying real needs for a lot of people, but I think I am going to start including in my prayers: Lord help them (and me!) be like Caleb and not waste the wait. 

What about you? Are you waiting? Are you being a good steward of your delay?

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