Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding weekend

This weekend, my friend Ashley is getting married.  I am super excited for her and honored to be a part of her day.

Ashley and me at the AU UGA game in 2010, the year we won the NC!!

I met ashley in my sorority at Auburn. We didn't get close til Senior year which is one of my biggest regrets. We hit it off due to our love for college football, theology and the fact that she was a pharmacy student and I was writing my honors thesis....so we both had to study a lot and would take study breaks together.

 at a ballgame with another friend, senior year
Bid Day senior year

I love all my friends, but there are 3 girls who got me through the hardest time in my life during my engagement ending (well 3 plus my 2 sisters) -- and these 3 girls have a special spot it my heart.  Ashley is one of those girls..... I was heartbroken, and she was busy with pharmacy school yet took time to  talk to me and distract me with dinners out and movie nights (we both love pride and prejudice, emma, little women and narnia!) She didn't let me dwell but she also was one of those people that were wise enough to know I wouldn't be over everything in a month or two....I'm blessed she let me balance talking and forgetting/distracting.

 Some game in 2010 
a 2009 game with ashley and alexandria, one of the other 2 girls that have such a special place in my heart for helping me through that time....but I will tell you all about Alexandria another time!

I also had agreed to take my sister to her cheer competition in florida. This turned out to be about 3 weeks after the you know what hit the fan. I had just gone through the worst and was functioning, but making it through life as a robot, and Ashley volunteered to come with me to Florida. She even drove so I wouldn't have to.  She was my first football date the fall after my engagement fell apart, and I still remember that game as my favorite game ever (well except the NC). Auburn beat Florida in exciting fashion. I told her I felt like Auburn's win was a gift from God ( I had a hard time coming back that year and had begged God for a fun day and a victory!)-- it helped me start replacing my AU football memories from the past two years with new memories, ex-free. Ever since then, we have gone to games each season together. She became my new and improved football date!! (Dear Auburn Team of 2006, you are welcome for my prayers. I am sure thats part of why you won that game :) !!! )

Auburn Florida 2006

Since then, we have been there for all the downs...the breakups, stressful law school and pharm school days, lonely single days, family drama, figuring out our 20s, starting jobs and just surviving life and all it throws at us. 

Ashley, Laura Ann and me in 2010

But don't think we were always sad. We've had great times too! She has been my best football date, my travel buddy, and my late night catch up friend (Ashley has a 3 br house yet I always sleep in her bed when I visit -- I just realized the other day ha.  I guess we just like catching up!)  We've been friends during new jobs, an undefeated season, and her meeting her soon to be hubby. I was able to rejoice with her when she got engaged and she has celebrated my big moments as well.

 This year we traveled to SC for the AU SC game

AU Southern Miss game with Laura Ann and Ashley

Ashley is generally quieter and less outgoing than me, but I always forget that, because she and I can talk about life for a long time. Despite our personalities being way different, there are several things about us that are a lot alike and I think thats what brings us together. Also, despite being quieter, she is really intense about football....and she was kind enough to let me go to her bachelorette weekend with pink eye (that she couldve caught!)

 6 wins in a row over bama....the last in our streak. Such a fun game.

Rolling toomers: Alexandria, Ashley and me

All this to say, Ashley is pretty amazing. Her one big flaw is she will read your texts over your shoulder if you don't watch her :) Her husband lucked out.  But, Brian, I was and always will be her #1 football date. :) My only hope is that my future husband likes this couple a lot because I know we will be friends for a long time to come!

And here are a couple pics of the lovebirds...

Disclaimer: I became very aware in making this post that all but 3-4 of my pics with ashley are at football games. We are pathetically singleminded in our favorite pastime I guess.

Note to Ashley: We will remedy that football themed picture problem this weekend. How about we both wear long dresses and pose??? :)

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  1. Haha...how do I respond to this? Love you friend! Can't wait to see you this weekend! I also need to share some photos with you...although they are more football ones;)