Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midweek Confessions

* Last week, during my mani/pedi, when the lady asked if she could put designs on my manicure, I said, "sure, why not?? just nothing over the top" So I went around all week with silver glitter lines on my ring fingers and big toes --- and i loved it.  I have a little but of a gaudy side hidden under all this preppiness.

* I always viewed myself as a not very cheesy dater....I am pretty practical and I think the most important thing is how you relate to eachother, not cheesy nicknames and texts and sappy convos...but now that I am past the honeymoon phase in my relationship, I realize how spoiled I was at first and how much I miss that.   I guess my last few relationships never had a super cheesy phase, but I can see how fun that is, not essential, but fun.  I may have to try and keep some of that alive.

* I am training for a half marathon and I so want to LOVE running, but I don't. I don't really like running (I love working out, just not running)--except when I have been training a lot, I grow to tolerate it and even like it (about mid run) -- but never love it. 

* I am excited about the Zach Effron movie coming out.

* I may watch titanic 3D...I remember seeing that movie opening night with my friend Mary Melinda back in the 8th grade.  Can't help but want to relive childhood.

*I am trying to lose weight-- 10 to 15 pounds by my familys beach trip, BUT I am struggling to get motivated.  I run/workout (which makes me hungry) and I eat mostly lowcarb.  Sadly, its hard to get motivated bc its not like I am fat now.  I would like to be smaller, but its not a major health risk, so its hard to get all worked up about it....Any tips? I have only lost 3-4 pounds. 


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my letter to Mr. Right blog---you're so right---it's not that we're waiting for some rock star to come along, just a nice guy! :) And thanks for your prayer!

    On the weight loss thing, you might try a website where you keep track of your calories/exercise and do a food diary. I use I love it and have lost about 10 pounds since January!


  2. thanks for the tip. signing up today!! I just need some accountability. If I lose 10 pds slowly, thats fine!

    10 pounds is great. congrats!

  3. No one will see Titantic with me.... :(
    So bummed...I may go during the week one night alone...shhhh!