Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday

This article is me to a T....except not as extreme.  I don't see myself as a newlywed, decorating a nursery before I get pregnant. But I am naturally a planner and thus, often a worrier. So I look ahead.  I want to know where my life will take me-- if a job will open up in a year or two, if a relationship will lead to forever or just heartache, if I will be a lawyer forever or do something else, if I will travel to this ballgame next year, how many kids should i have, etc etc.  I often times (espeically relationally) am worrying because I want to know the outcome in order to diminish pain.  This author made some good points about always looking to the future not the present.

I LOVE this article on praying in expectation.  This is what has changed the most in my prayer life in the past year or so.  I read a lot of spurgeon exerpts and articles talking about praying with real faith....and as I started praying, expecting an answer and thanking God for that answer before he even answered, I begin to get more answer and at very least, notice answers that had been there. 

A yankee's perspective on ole miss and the south.

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