Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Bedroom

I am beginning to plan how I will decorate my room (BTW I moved 9 mths ago, but the rest of the house and the rest of my life seemed like a priority. I was thinking navy but gray and yellow is so hot right now and I am loving it. I don't love yellow on its own but I like it with this neutral.

So.... I am thinking Gray Yellow and White.  Here are my must haves.  I will do some later posts with inspiration rooms and fabrics I like, but here are my basics.

Give advice and tell me what you think.


I want to start out with this rug from urban outfitters. I love chevron.

2. fabric headboard

I think I want a gray headboard, what do y'all think? Would Yellow pop more? especially since I have a gray rug? I was thinking gray just because if I change my bedding, gray would go with more options....that being said, its only fabric, so all I have to do is rip it off and put a new fabric on!

3. White comfortor/Duvet

I really want a clean white fluffy bedspread with colors in the furniture, accessories, pillows, headboard, lamps, artwork, window treatments, and throw.

4. IKAT fabric
I want this Ikat fabric -- which is quite pricy and sold out at the store that sells it, but you can buy pillows made out of it/fabric on etsy and ebay. I am considering buying a couple pillows and splurging on enough to make a blanket/duvet (one side of a duvet), throw for end of bed-- IE, a pop at the top of the bed and a pop at the bottom.  After I order this fabric, I will match other fabrics to it.

Here's an example of the pillows

5. matching artwork that plays off the theme

6. Faux white deerhead

This is from Urban Outfitters. My friend has one above her mantle and he's so fun. I have a fireplace in my bedroom (not functioning) with a mantle and thought how fun would a white dearhead be?

7. Painted furniture

I probably want just one piece of painted furniture-- to pop...What do yall think? Gray or Yellow?  I think I want a gray headboard so some type of yellow piece of furniture would be great.

8. Fun lamps on end table


  1. The headboard is my absolute favorite! I would go with gray since it would go with most everything else, like you said! And I like the idea of painting one piece of furniture yellow... and if it's too busy then you can always paint it again!

  2. I love it, especially the yellow as an accent and that ikat motif! (Have you tried for fabric? They have decent sales and promotions if you're willing to order online.)