Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I am linking up with E Myself and I to confess today.

* I have eaten a snowcone (sugarfree) probably 4 or 5 of the past 2 weeks for lunch. Its sugar free right and virtually no calories, so that plus a protein bar = lunch?  Its embaressing that the lady knows who I am.

* I have a habit of trying to set my 9 month old nephew up. Whenever someone I know has a baby girl and I hold her, I tell her all about my handsome nephew.  I am sure his mommy doesn't want him getting married yet --- AND maybe I should find a husband first before I worry about his future wife.... but those who cant do, teach, right? so maybe those who cant wed, matchmake!! :)

*I am a planner...a huge planner. It makes me happy to know whats ahead. If you mention going to vegas next year, I will look up ticket prices just to get an idea of what the price is - just in case we actually do go.  My BF may work on the west coast this summer, and Ive already researched tickets. There is something to be said for planning ahead, but at the same time, I have probably wasted a lot of time planning for things that weren't happening...just bc I am scared not to be prepared.

* I ate dinner at the Bass Pro Shop restaurant last night and it wasnt bad.  Those who know me personally and know how preppy I am are laughing at this.  But the baseball game (Ole Miss v. USM) was rain delayed and eventually cancelled and we were trying to waste time until it started.

*at some point during lunch yesterday, I kicked off my shoes and slipped on another pair an forgot, so I wore them all afternoon.. I had on a brown skirt, red shell, navy cardigan and BLACK shoes.  SEXY....

* I am in a wedding next weekend in BHAM of one of my closest college friends. I am VERY excited because I love her and her groom and have watched this relationship start and progress.  I also like weddings...particularly those with yummy food, dancing, a good band and wine.  However, I am a tad bit excited because the hotel has a pool (sorry ashley) ---so I plan on getting there Friday early afternoon to layout before the festivities.  I am a little disspointed bc its supposed to rain Friday.  Although it will be a very wonderful weekend, it might be even better with some pool time.

* I am addicted to Draw Something.   This is not really a confession, but a plea for Marley to join and draw with me....


  1. a) I can't join Draw iphone :( But I'm getting one for my birthday, so we will start then!

    b) You should feel only pride that the lady at Miss Gussie's knows your name. I hope I can achieve that someday!

    c) It must be a Braden thing to love to swim in hotel pools. I blame Nana and Papa. Bech thinks its weird.