Thursday, April 4, 2013


Tuesday, Dave and I took engagement pics in his hometown of Church Hill (or community, really, its not a town)  The weather was perfect-- it was raining the weekend before and it rained the day after, but it was warm and lovely for our pictures. We are having an urban wedding at a warehouse -- so most of our pics will be fairly urban and indoors, so I really wanted our engagement photos and bridal portriats/etc to be outside.

I don't think I have ever showed pics of Church Hill on my blog so I wanted to show yall this pretty place!  (I didn't take these, I pulled them offline, but you get the idea...)  It really is cute and old school and historic.  I love the church on the hill (Christ Church) from which the community gets its name.  Church Hill also has a few large old plantations/homes because it is 15 minutes from Natchez (former wealthiest city in the South and America and still full of southern charm and Antebellum houses)

Here is a sneak peek of our engagement pics. The photographer just took this one on instagram, so its not edited, etc, BUT you get the idea... beautiful scenery, perfect weather, cute boy. I can't wait to see the real pictures!

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  1. Oh, Katy! That church is just beautiful. I love it! And I cannot wait to see more of the pictures!