Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer: Shaking the tree.

“Some mercies are not given to us except in answer to importunate prayer. There are blessings which, like ripe fruit, drop into your hand the moment you touch the bough. But there are others which require you to shake the tree again and again, until you make it rock with the vehemence of your exercise, for only then will the fruit fall down.” (Charles Spurgeon)

I have for sure shared this quote before.  But it is TOO GOOD not to share again. I think as Christians we think we need to stop praying, that if God hasn't immediately healed or provided then the answer is no.  Sometimes the answer only comes after months, years, etc of prayer.  I suppose that God is interested in what happens to our heart during those years.  So, keep shaking the tree.

This post is as much for me as anyone else as I feel we will likely be shaking the tree for awhile before he is hired and then I am hired...yep, we get to do the job search thing twice yippy!  Keep praying, keep praising, keep shaking the tree.

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