Friday, April 26, 2013

Show Us Your Life: life of a 20something

I am connecting up with Kelly's Korner today for her friday linkup, SHOW US YOUR LIFE series.  Today the linkup is for 20somethings without kids.... I wish this had been earlier because I will only be a 20something for 9 more months ....

But, without a doubt, the 20s are great, way better than high school and even better than college (and I liked college, mostly!)  The 20s are full of challenges and growing up and if you are single, you don't have someone to "grow up" with, but at the same time it's kindof empowering to grow up on your own and make a life on your own!

Here's a little about me: I am a lawyer in MS and I love family, college football, friends, my church, travelling, Lilly Pulitzer, Navy, Green, all things preppy, running, pedicures, watermelon, margaritas, parties, holidays and costumes! I love Auburn and Ole Miss and DC is my favorite city. I used to love politics but got tired of it, but my goal is to get back into it again soon. Adoption has always had a special place in my heart and I hope one day to get into adoption work, or atleast child advocacy. 

I have great parents, 2 amazing sisters, a brother, a brother in law and one nephew....isn't he adorable?

I've had this blog for a couple years because I wanted to blog about adulthood without the husband and kids (since many blogs are mommy blogs)  I felt like someone should be honest about the good and bad of life in your 20s, and for the most part, I have tried to do that!  I blog about dating, singleness, struggles as well as fashion, cooking (yes I am attempting to learn!), etc In fact, I hope to keep blogging about some of these same single lady topics even when I am married. 

When I was 27, I met this sweet fellow (Dave) and we've been pretty inseperable ever since....and I am marrying him in 2 months! He's a soon to be architect and we are eager to find out where God is taking us, but I trust He will provide for us wherever we move.  I'm torn: part of me would love to stay in Jackson, but part of me is eager for an adventure with Dave!

Anyways, as my 20s are winding down, I am sad, but not to0 sad -- the 30s sound great!   By the end of your 20s, you are more confident in who you are and more settled and its nice. 

Here are my suggestions for your 20s:

1. Be adventurous.... this is the time to travel, go to school, volunteer, etc. Single or Married, enjoy these things before kids, because while you can still have adventure afterwards, most mommies will tell you it takes more planning and work!

2. But lay down some roots....I am convinced that what 20s miss the most is a feeling of being settled.  Adventure is only so fun, so make sure you settle down-- settling down may just mean making some friends, picking a church home and establishing community.  It may mean regular trips to see your family, etc.  It may mean a job.  You don't have to buy a house or get married to be settled, but make sure by your mid to late 20s you have some routine in your life!

3. Give yourself grace-- you won't be amazing at your job yet, you wont make tons of money, you won't always know the answer,  you still need advice from family,'s not like Sex and the City or Friends.  You don't have your life together so quickly into adulthood. Accept that and be gracious to yourself.

4.  Give others grace.  They're still figuring out life too.

5. Expand your circles!! The best thing about my 20s are without a doubt, the friends I made.  I just decided to get involved-- join a bible study, say yes to almost every invitation (at first, not as much now that I am settled), host wine nights, etc AND give all types of people a chance.  I feel my group of freinds is pretty varied for a small Jackson town.  I know tons of different types of people and I am blessed by that.

6. Say yes to almost every date. SERIOUSLY. unless he is a bad guy.  If you don't think the guy is "your type", say yes.  If he's not super cute, say yes.  If he doesn't meet whatever checklist you have, say yes.  Why? Because you never know who you will hit it off with.  You might be surprised.  I am certainly not suggesting you settle, but I also think that giving different guys a chance is a good thing.  I am so not a country girl but I fell in love with a country happens :)

7. Try new things.  I just started playing tennis.  I am pretty bad at it. Seriously.  Everyone on my team is a beginner. But it's fun and its something I always wanted to do.  I ran a half marathon (and trained for a full but couldn't run it due to a conflict--- so I still plan on doing that, see? keep trying new things even when you are - gulp- near 30!)

8. Learn to cook. Seriously. You don't want to eat take out forever. 

9. If you want to meet a nice guy, don't be ashamed to hope for that.  Seriously, people don't shame women for hoping to get pregnant or shame people for hoping to get into med school, but mention that you hope to get married and you'll get a lecture on "lacking contentment" Enjoy your life, be thankful for the blessings you have but keep on hoping to meet a nice guy!

10. ENJOY YOUR ENERGY!! Seriously, you will never have this much energy again.  As your 20s wind down, you will see what I mean.  I used to go to Kareoke until midnight and get up for work at 530.  I'd have a long run scheduled for early Saturday morning yet manage to go out til 2 on Friday.  Now, if I do that, I hate life the next day.  So, work out, travel and get jet lag, stay up late on a monday night...enjoy your youth :)

ENJOY YOUR 20s!! I sure have!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog through Kelly's. First, I love that you mentioned starting a blog to document your twenties. I'm in the same boat, and agree, that there are a lot of mommy blogs out there (which I read too!). And I'm with you on already have a heart for adoption. I want to so, so badly. And your nephew is adorable. I have one also and I'm obsessed!!