Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

I suppose this can be a What We Wore: Easter Edition....although really its just an Easter post...which is good b/c I feel torn on WIW wednesdays because its a bit self focused (although I like knowing that I can come up with atleast one post each week even while I am so busy!)

I spent Easter in Church Hill.  At the time we made plans, my parents were moving into a new condo in Jackson and I didn't know if they would be at the Brookhaven house or Jackson condo for the holiday and no one else was coming in town (that I knew of) - plus there was a baby shower and wedding in Church Hill/Natchez that evening so we decided to spend the whole weekend with Dave's family.  Last minute, my grandparents and aunt and uncle came to town but I still stayed in Church Hill because that was our original plan. And although I missed my family, I am glad I did.  It was so much more restful.  I am grateful that our families live a little over an hour apart because we can and will continue to be able to see both families every holiday, but travelling between houses for holidays is exhausting so its nice when we can have an entire weekend in one place. I can definitely see the plus of just alternating some holidays....maybe Easter will be one of those!  I think that figuring out holidays will be one of the most difficult things for Dave and me-- such a blessing to both come from closeknit families, but it does create problems when planning things out!

I realized on Good Friday that I had been so busy with wedding planning, work, etc that I had failed to get an Easter dress-- showers, engagement party, rehearsal dresses? YES.  Easter - not so much. In Jackson, I would have just worn an older dress, BUT Church Hill is old school and Easter Sunday gets your Sunday Best which includes a new dress.... I didn't want to wear a dress I was saving for another event so I quickly ran to LOFT because they were having a 40 percent off sale.  They were sold out of my size but called the other LOFT in town so I ran over there to pick up my dress from hold.  All that to say, Good Friday shopping is as awful as day before Christmas shopping (although not as bad as day after Christmas)  The roads were packed, the stores crowded, stressful.  But success, I was able to find a dress and still get packed and to Church Hill literally 2 minutes before Good Friday Service!  LESSON LEARNED: Easter shop ahead of time!

It was a fun weekend -- seeing Dave's family, celebrating a sweet baby on the way and attending a wedding, relaxing, and of course, a good SOUTHERN EASTER DINNER.

We attended a wedding at Longwood Plantation Saturday.  It is an old southern mansion that was never finished (on the inside).  In the middle of building it, the Civil War broke out and afterwards, and afterwards, the house was never finished.  The first floor is decorated but the second floor is not -- all that exists is the bricks-- which actually makes it look really neat (different from every other southern plantation you can tour).  Also, its an octagonal house.  The food was on the bottom level and the band and dancing and drinks were on the second floor.

Dress: from a store on the Square in Oxford, MS a few years ago
Shoes: Red wedges from Judy's
Sweater: Gap
Earrings: Simple Joys

Here is my sweet guy and me Easter Sunday...

Dress: LOFT (SALE!!)
Necklace: Blue Door Boutique
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Madden Girl (you can see them in the next picture)

Suit, Shirt, Tie: BELK (sale)
***This is his interview suit we bought a few weeks ago. Seriously, doesn't he look adorable?  Usually he is in student attire, so I love when he dresses up!***

With Dave's Family on Easter (minus his brother in law Conor who could not come due to work on Saturday) on Easter Sunday..... (Clearly I look more like his sisters than my own, ha - atleast in coloring and hair color) 

Possibly the BEST part of the Weekend was Sunday afternoon in Jackson.  We left after Easter lunch and got back around 3/3:30...  I packed a few boxes, did some laundry, made soup and sandwiches for dinner and we watched TV on a rainy lazy afternoon.  SO RARE and MUCH NEEDED!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter weekend full of friends and family.  Certainly Easter can be celebrated alone --- the empty tomb is just as amazing, with or without others -- but it is good to rejoice with other believers and enjoy the blessing of eachother!


  1. I love your blue dress, you look lovely!

    Sita xx