Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love.....Jackson? Really?

"If there were any place better for you than the one in which you find yourself, Divine Love would have placed you there." - Charles Spurgeon

I didn't necessarily want to move to Jackson. It was not my plan. I was just so grateful to get a job and especially one in an area I enjoy....that I moved. But, after 4 months, I can honestly say, I love living here. I really do. And I feel confident that God has a purpose for me to live in Jackson for awhile atleast.

At first I didn't think I got this job because we received notice that they were done with hiring for now and would contact us if there was a job opening in the future. (apparently they were talking mostly about leadership positions) I cried then said, "OK this is not what I am supposed to be doing and where I am supposed to be next year." I started looking for other jobs and considering staying in Brookhaven and working there.....but I still kindof wanted to be in Jackson with friends and family nearby. I was looking in DC, but I kept saying, "What about jobs in Jackson?" Funny how I had over the months waiting to hear back from my job, accepted and even come to look forward to moving to Jackson. I was even upset when I wasn't moving.

A few days later, they called and offered me the job.. My sister said it was good that I thought I had not been hired for those few days because it caused me to reevaluate whether or not I wanted to live in Jackson and I really realized how much I wanted to live here.

And I agreed with that ...on some level. But I just wanted to move to Jackson for a year, to get my life together and then move to DC. It was settling, because of the economy, but atleast it was a better place to settle than Oxford...which a real lawyer job and friends. And, now....I love living here.

I love my community of friends.....those I go out with, those I knew from college or law school, those reconnected with from high school, those I just met.
I love my church, love love love love LOVE my church.
I love the people I have always known at my church.
I love the people I just met at my church.
I LOVE my Highlands girls bible study.
I love my wednesday first pres bible study.
I love the restaurants.
I love the local bars.
I love running into people.
I love being near my family.
I love still being able to go to Oxford for ballgames (in the fall, and now soon in the spring)
I love the South and the friendliness here.
I love Jackson.

God really did know the best place for me. I feel the most like my self I have in years. I have moved past the struggle and frustration of law school to a time of really just getting to know people and grow in the Lord. I feel so blessed. The Lord has his plans.

I don't know if DC is in my future. There is a good church and friends there too. I do really love it. But I also love Jackson. I now wouldn't regret it if I lived here.

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