Tuesday, September 7, 2010

War Eagle!!

My hot date Alexandria and me in our nosebleed seats. We could see the entire field, of course, without binoculars, I could not always see the numbers of the players. Luckilly I DVR'd the game so I can now go back and actually see who made all the plays...Last year I was in the corner endzone but the upper deck was nice...you could see the whole game.

Little known fact, Alexandria took me to my first Auburn game.

Brian and Ashley. I didnt believe they were dating because they have NO pictures together.....so I made them take a picture...Aren't they cute?? Now, if only we could all find nice guys and start our tailgate tradition ha....

Ashley, Laura Ann, and Me...Laura Ann is so cute pregnant!

The new arena....its nice! and as Alexandria said, "I paid for this." so true...

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