Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mrs. R in DC

I've been gone for awhile.....wedding, honeymooning and beginning life here in Courthouse/DC.  Its been fun and exhausting and a whirlwind.  I plan on starting a new blog  soon (I am no longer a Jacksonian so the name is false!)  --- And I promise I will provide lots of wedding pics/DC updates/honeymoon stories, etc.  But here are a couple for now :)

Life has been full of changes and this is mostly good.  Dave is of course, the best change :) and DC will be good, although driving away from the South caused a few tears.  I love urban life, but what can I say? This girl is Mississippi through and through!!! 

God has been good to me thus far... providing me with Dave, providing him a job and providing us a place to live (in a neighborhood that I m currently exploring and falling in love with!) and coming along with us in each step, good or bad!  I am even blessed to have a few friends here - and Dave has a buddy here too, so it wasn't a move to a completely lonely random place.  I am eager to see how and when God provides a job for me as I begin my job search tomorrow....

yep, tomorrow...why tomorrow? Because yesterday was my first full day here and I cleaned, cooked dinner, unpacked honeymoon suitcases and a few boxes, did laundry and went to the grocery store twice (yep, twice because I do not have a grocery cart yet and couldn't fit all my groceries and cleaning supplies into one trip!)  I felt very housewify -- although our apt wouldn't reveal all my hard work.   we have no storage furniture like drawers, etc and 10 hangers so I have clean clothes in baskets on the floor until I go purchase plastic drawers and hangers!  (but who wants to invest too much in plastic drawers when furniture arrives in a month? maybe we will just have baskets of clothes this month!)

The intention was to curl up at our place and start applying today and finish laundry, but Dave accidentally left with the laundry room key and our internet/cable was out when I woke up, so I packed up and explored instead.  Now that I am Barnes and Noble using wifi, I will look up a few jobs...but I can't apply with my comp because WORD is on Dave's comp at home....  Hopefully internet will be fixed tomorrow and I can start a full search for work :) while sitting in comfy clothes on the couch watching movies or listening to music!

But I don't regret it much!! I have enjoyed my day of exploring. Courthouse is very urban - lots of buildings with apts and offices  but grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, etc on the bottom. There is a plethora of restaurants and a big shopping center nearby!! Also, there is a fancy movie theater half a mile walk from our apt! (think reclining movie seats)


  1. YAY for you being back!! I am dying to read all about everything, seriously, I've missed you! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your new place. Take your time sister, enjoy the break between jobs!


  2. Ahh! Love the pics. You look beautiful (and very, very happy)!
    Hope the job search goes well. Although I agree with Tiffany above, take your time. You've gone through so many HUGE changes recently.