Monday, July 19, 2010


Who gets the worst blogger award? me. I may actually quit...only reason I keep up is because I like to read other people's blogs but I can do that without having my own right? we shall see.

Anyways my sister is moving to Vermont in 13 days....we all live within 3 1/2 hrs of eachother ---my parents and sister in Brookhaven, me in Jackson and brother at Ole Miss. Same with her husband's family-- they all live close too, so needless to say, many people will miss them. But, Vermont is easier to get to than Malawi, so this is less upsetting than when she moved to Africa. I guess this had to happen - we would grow up and start our own lives but its kindof sad bc Ansley and Blaise are still at home and I hate we are not all together! Be praying that God provides great Christian friends for them in Vermont....after all, Vermont is not known as the Bible belt :-) for a reason. But I know the Lord can place a few great people in their lives and that they can minister to others there-- maybe Vermont is a bigger mission field than Africa!
I'll try to do a picture countdown of Marley moving. This is Blaise, Marley and me at the Charity Ball this year.

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