Monday, August 9, 2010


I loved this article about living life in the middle, in the waiting. I hope you all enjoy it too.

her article makes reference to this one....

I think waiting is particularly hard. I am not patient. I want the answer-- good or bad, now. Then i can deal with it-- celebrate, mourn, whatever, but begin putting my life together. In so many situations, thats not the option, the truth is you wait and hope and give up and discourage yourself and are discouraged by others then hope again, in a long vicious cycle. Some people haven't had to do much waiting in their lives-- now I don't mean that they haven't had pain. I think everyone has had pain, but they haven't had the pain of waiting. I also think unless you have waited (even if you waited and everything turned out okay), you probably don't know how to show empathy and understanding to someone whose life seems on hold til they find a job, get into school, have a baby, etc. I have had to wait for things in my past, so I do know the good and bad and annoyingness of waiting to figure out whats next. I hope that pain isn't wasted by me- in my own life and in otehrs...I hope I can use it to be an encouragement to those who are waiting. Sometimes it just helps to have someone waiting with you. I can be that someone.

My favorite line of the second article:

"God, like any good father, sees around corners for His children and snatches them out of the way of oncoming cars. He also drags His kids, kicking and screaming, from their cherished mud puddles, to take them to the beach."

Oh, so good. Ok, my break from researching and billing is over....back to it!

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