Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Last night, I had mexican yet again ....with my family. Kindof an impromptu dinner since Mom Dad and Ansley were in Jackson for of the many perks of living in Jackson - seeing my family so much.

Anyways, Margaritas is not a new restaurant for me. I have been going there since I was in elementary school. It is actually some of the better mexican food in Jackson - though not as authentic as La Guadalupe. It tasted greasy after having the fresh tacos earlier. Marley, her friend Courtney, and I split the chicken fajitas for 2 and we each had some to take home for another meal. That was the biggest plus -- big enough servings to have tomorrow. Plus there guacamole is good and of course their Margaritas.

However after tacos for lunch yesterday, fajitas last night and fajitas today, I am tired of mexican food...and I am on my way to texas for more. Guess I will just have to deal with it!!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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