Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4: Parents

This is going to sound arrogant, but I don't know a nicer way to say it: I have the type of family a lot of people wish for. (I will talk about my siblings tomorrow) Maybe that didn't sound arrogant, maybe that just sounded grateful. I certainly hope it comes across as I am grateful for the blessing of my family.

My crazy, sometimes dysfunctional, loud, annoying, over involved family.... :) we have plenty of problems but we stick by eachother.

At the base of every great family are great parents (or parent, i realize some amazing men and women have had to do the raising by themselves) This is true in my life: my parents are the glue that hold us together and here is why:

1. They love Jesus more than they love eachother. or us.

2. They love eachother more than they love us.

3. But they still love us dearly.

4. They love people outside our family.

My parents put God first, not perfectly, they are certainly still sinners, but as a whole, they have raised us to now that the Lord comes first in our family. I am blessed for this, so blessed. Because I was raised this way, I know that the Lord must be first in my life. I saw it lived out in my parents life.

My parents adore (and sometimes annoy) eachother. It never grossed me out to see my parents kiss or say I love you. In fact, it always made me feel safe. It still does, even at 27. I hope that I one day love someone that much and am loved that much.

My parents take care of us -- they provide what we need and much of what we want, they pray for us, they encourage us, they have fun and laugh with us. (sidenote: being in my family means much laugher) They stand by us. And, when they have to, they discipline us.

My parents love other people well. My mom is involved in all sorts of ministries and volunteering. My dad is a pediatric cardiologist and great with his patients. We have spent many many holidays with other people at our dining room table. We have welcomed many into our home. They took seriously the command in scriptures to love others. They show that to us daily.

Some tidbits about my dad: lover of all things sports especially Ole Miss and the cardinals, collects baseball caps, runner, rosy cheeks (where do you think I get it from??), avid reader (read to us growing up), loves history and theology, loves music.

Facts about my mom: very creative and great at planning events, good cook, makes holidays at our house amazing, very stylish, looks young for her age (I am excited for this trait), likes reading, photography, decorating, clothes, technology. Like all good southern girls, she likes college football.

Mom marley and me

last night before the mistletoe preview gala

before last years charity ball

at National Championship game

If you dont know my parents, I feel sad for you. You would probably like them!

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  1. I love this. I feel the exact same way about my parents and I know othe people think they're awesome too :) New follower from the link up at kellys korner