Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 5: Siblings

I said this yesterday with regards to my parents and I am saying it again today regarding my siblings: they are the best. Hands down. That may sound arrogant, that may sound thankful, take it as you will...I have been blessed with this family....every irritating moment, every fight, every bit of sibling rivalry has been worth it to grow up with these people.

This is my all time favorite picture of my family -- taken before marley's wedding.

Ansley, me and Blaise on Easter...

Bubby (Blaise) and me at charity ball last year....

Bubby, me and Annie (Ansley)

Marley and me last Christmas....

Sisters with baby Jack at his baptism lunch.....

A little about my siblings:

1. Marley -- 26, married to Bech, Mother of Jack, classics grad student in Vermont which is entirely too far away. She marches to the beat of a different drummer-- a very organized, precise drummer, but still a different drummer. Can one be a methodical free spirit? If so, she is. She loves a lot of weird things -- like latin, greek, weird music, rereading books over and over and over. She and I are a LOT different, but when it comes to morals and beliefs, we are pretty much the same. We also grew up fighting a lot because we are the siblings that are the closest in age, BUT we always have eachother's backs. :) My favorite memory of her (well favorite is a bad word, but sweetest memory) is the week after my engagement ended. I called her or she called me, but I couldn't talked, I just cried, and then I heard her crying too. And she just sat there and cried with me. Marley is a good mother and a good sister. She loves CS Lewis and Africa and Christmas. I talk to Marley and Ansley almost daily (in some form or fashion, even if its a text) -- some people tell me this is overinvolved. I think not.

2. Blaise, aka Bubby as we affectionately call him and he tolerates, is 21 and a Junior at Ole Miss. He has definitely taken the boy route through college, slowly figuring out how to study and what he wants to do. I am so proud to have seen him grow. He is in a fraternity and is a great example for some of his wilder "brothers" He loves Jesus and as a 21 year old boy at a party school where girls are always spending the night at the frat house and drugs are easy to come by, that isn't easy. He loves european soccer, college football, science fiction, star wars, etc. He is very overprotective of his sisters, especially Annie. And we all dote on him/pick on him some because he is our only brother! He wrestles through things before just accepting them which is an honorable trait.

3. Ansley, aka Annie, is the baby. 18 years old and a senior, heading off to Ole Miss or Auburn in the fall (I say Auburn knowing its like 90 percent Ole Miss but a girl can dream right??) Ansley is sassy and spunky but has a heart that cares for people. She loves college football, fashion, animals, and is the high school mascot! She has made some hard choices to do the right thing and its cost her some of her friends. I really respect that. She's young but already standing firm in her faith, even when that has consequences. I pray that the Lord will use this to bring glory to His name this at Ole Miss. She is our baby, so she has 3 mammas and 1 very protective older brother. She is also the sibling I am probably the most alike: hard worker, very social, sassy.


  1. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner blog link up! Yours was one of the first I clicked on, and how ironic--I just moved from Jackson back to Oxford. Fellow MS girl here :) Looking forward to reading your blog! Love this post about siblings...they're such blessings, aren't they? Happy Friday!

  2. I am so glad you are back to posting. I love your point of view. I hope our paths cross again soon!!