Thursday, January 19, 2012


Its no secret that I don't exactly love birthdays.  Getting older stinks, and particularly so when you are single or waiting for a baby or waiting for a job...or maybe just when you are still figuring out life.  Even if you love your life, which most days I do, I think the natural inclination is to look at the past year and see if you did anything worthwhile.

But, recently, my ideas for birthdays have changed for several reasons...

(1) This sweet boy never got a first birthday, so how can I complain about 28 birthdays? I think about this family alot and how no matter what we all are going through (and I know some of you are going through a lot!), few of us probably know this level of pain...So, my few blog readers, please (as my birthday wish) stop and pray for this family today...and every day.

(2) How gracious is our God to understand that although He is infinite, we need beginnings and ends. Closure, limitations, definitions.  Isn't that what people always say about a relationship ending? "I want closure"  27 was a tough year, not the worst year, but difficult. (22 is clearly reserved as the worst year of my life thus far) -- lots of challenges with dating, work, church, etc.  It certainly had many many wonderful moments and as a whole, it was tougher than 26.  Is anything different about me today than yesterday? NO, not actually....I am the same me, and my God is the same God. But, I have a sense of closure and a sense of beginning. God knew that much about humans -- that I needed to see things end and begin, sometimes.  So I am excited for 28 to begin.

(3) I am hopeful for 28.  The Lord promises to go into this year with me, so why wouldn't I be hopeful?

I have much fun celebrating to do- including dinner with friends, a trip to Nola, and dinner with my family. Oh yeah, and I am wearing my beautiful David Yurman bracelet that I got for my birthday :)

Here's to 28, I hope its a good year.  Glad to know the Lord's mercies are new every morning, including the mornings you get older!

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