Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines!

I've never been a big valentines fan, even when in a relationship. If you love me, love me every day, not just when hallmark tells you to, and vice versa: I love those important to me every day too.

But starting last year, I have bought into the commercial cheesiness some.  A wine and chocolate night with the girls?? YES.  candy hearts? why the heck not?  I would never call cards, candy and jacked up expensive roses super romantic (although any other day it is) BUT fun, yes.

Last year I had a party called wine and chocolate...for the single ladies. Everyone brougt wine or chocolate. Some of our married friends wanted to come too -- their husbands were out of town or they celebrated already or they didnt plan on celebrating...so they came and we drank, ate and had a dang good time. This year we are having the same party, but on a much smaller scale.

For your valentines entertainment: a fun article by one of my favorites, Jon Acuff

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