Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm reading Wednesday

I've been a horrible blogger, I am sorry. Life has just been busy...good busy, but busy just the same. I have taken some time to read good articles though and wanted to share them with you.... enjoy :)

I needed to read this article. I always thing why didn't God stop bad things, but truth is He is stopping bad things and when I get hurt or others get hurt, I should think about all that He did PREVENT from happening.

I'm not a mom....yet, but when I am, this is how I want to raise my babies.

I always love what Jon Acuff has to say on serious Wednesday at Stuff Christians Like website.

Redefining Hope -- hope in, not hope for.

God works in different ways to bring people together...sometimes we forget that.

Should I stay or should I go? This article had to do with a dating relationship, but it made me think about all decisions in life-- how sometimes there is not a right or wrong answer, just the freedom to choose and make that choice best. (Wouldn't it be easier if every decision was right or wrong?)

National Signing Day.  Here's hoping for a good class. War Eagle.

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  1. wow, now i'm stayin' up WAY too late reading all of these articles. thanks for sharing these!