Friday, December 14, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas...

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to show you how young poor 20somethings do Christmas decorations.  I have a few nicer pieces (like some adorable ornaments and a fabulous wreath!) but a lot of hand me downs and cheap dollar tree/walmart/target decorations.  I think I am going to invest in some day after Christmas decorations for next year.... thats often times where I find a few nice pieces!

The thing is, I have already hosted two Christmas get togethers and my roomie is hosting one next week, people always tell us our Christmas decorations are so festive -- which goes to show you that you can make your home feel cheery without having a lot of money.  I can't wait til the day I can afford fancier Christmas decorations -- BUT until then, my tips are: (1) walmart, dollar tree, target are your friends; (2) buy a few cute pieces from nicer stores and mix them in with your cheaper decorations; and (3) accept all handmedowns.

If you can only invest in 3 decorations: decorate a tree, buy a wreath and decorate your mantle.  These are the most bang for your buck!

I do have a fairly big collection of trees, santas, and snowmen...a few are from cute giftshops and a few are cheap ones from walmart etc all mixed in together!

I love this little candle holder... (a half off Christmas Eve purchase from a local gift shop!)

My Auburn tree - I think the crooked star is fitting for this season!

Cheap Tinsel from Dollar Tree mixed with my Christmas Village!

My roomate bought these sparkly bells and we hung them from the (ugly) light fixture!

This is by far, my favorite part of our holiday decorations -- my friend painted me that picture and we combined our Christmas trinkets and some hand me down stockings with lights to make a fairly substantial mantle for our little rental house.  Aren't those tinsel trees adorable? You can buy fancy ones for 10-20 bucks a pieces but mine were $1 each at dollar tree!

Our tree....yes, it is Charlie Brown-ish but it was 15 dollars on sale prelit!  Next year I want to buy a real tree but I knew that having a real one this year was near impossible because I (and my roomies) am gone so much and didn't know if I would water it enough!

An old tree from my mom that she used to put on our porch, I topped it off with a bow and some old school big colored lights for a fun little tree in our living room!

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  1. i love your mantel! it's perfect for christmas. i agree, accept all hand me downs. i've gotten lots of hand me downs over the years and they're some of my favorite pieces.

    good post.