Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scandal, Shame and Shock!

        Read this article on the Scandal, Shame and Shock of Mary "conceiving" Jesus.  It fits right along with what we learned at church this Sunday about how Mary was humble enough that her soul magnified the Lord even when she was in these seemingly horrible circumstances -- her soon to be husband was planning to divorce her and she could be possibly be punished by death.  I'm not a believer in focusing on any "hero" of the Bible that much, other than the main hero...but I must admit that I am impressed that Mary was so humble and trusting in such hard circumstances. (If only I could be more like her!) Also Joseph was trusting to stay with her, knowing that no one would believer her story. God had plans for good wonderful things for her and all mankind and she trusted.  But, mainly I am impressed with God, that his storyline doesn't come in neat little packages.  Isn't that wonderful news for us? God's will can be accomplished and will be accomplished - even in a manger to a teenage mother!  As the article says: our God is a God that gets involved and turns lives upside down!

(By the way this article is from a book about Christmas that should be given as a gift to nonbelievers.  I very much want to read it. I liked how this excerpt didn't use over the top "spriritual" words -- it broke it down in laymen's terms for believers and nonbelievers alike!)

    On another note, I am done with my holiday shopping except for one gift I need to pick up from Everyday Gourment this weekend.  Dave and I are delivering my friend gifts tonight (he is easy to bribe with promised of holiday coffee at starbucks!)  All gifts are wrapped except those that are in the mail and arriving soon.  Almost all of my holiday cards are addressed and they should be in the mail this weekend.  AND Dave is done for the after the past few weeks of working late, he is free to play almost every night!  I am so excited to be done with the busywork of Christmas so I can focus my evenings on the fun parts: looking at lights, Christmas movies, iceskating and parties. I feel like I haven't stopped for 3 weeks because I have been trying to get it done, but knowing I now have 10 days plus just to enjoy the season with Dave, family and friends is such a happy feeling!

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