Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Linking up with E, Myself and I to do a "4 gifts" Christmas wishlist.

(warning: I am actually going to list thinks I need/want, could wear or read...  Yes, I do want peace in the Middle East and homes for orphans BUT the point of this post is to be fun, so quit reading if you are hoping for something noble and good...)

The concept is simple : Need, Want, Wear, Read!
(1) NEED.....NEW BEDDING!!  (remember this post on decorating my room???yep it hasn't happened yet....)  To be fair, although I probably should have, I did not ask for bedding for would be easiest for me to slowly assemble my room than get a portion of the decorations for a holiday...

  I am going to decorate my room AFTER the holidays when life slows down.... and have picked out most of the products (pillows, bedding, rug, etc) and plan on slowly purchasing it all...

as far as other "needs", I "need" a robe. (I say "need" because truthfully I probably don't need much...)

(2) WANT..... a Tory Burch purse!

(3) WEAR...   Colored Blazers, Denim Shirts, Flowy Tops and Pencil skirts!

(4) READ........

This young adult book written by a friend of mine...yeah, I'm too old, but I am so proud of her for writing a book!

I love Tim Keller.  I loved King's Cross, The Meaning of Marriage and Prodigal I know I will enjoy this book as well!



  1. I totally love your warning/disclaimer, ha! And that pencil skirt is TOO cute!!

  2. Great list! Thanks so much for joining in today!

  3. ooooh I love that bag! So cute!!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  4. I want that purse too! :)

  5. I also made the disclaimer about wanting things for the greater good but actually thought about different things! I want your things too though :)

    And I love that I am not the only "new bedding" person out there. It felt like such a boring thing to want for Christmas but I really do :)