Friday, May 31, 2013

4 weeks

Sadly, Tonight is my last night with this cutie for 4 weeks :( He moves to DC this weekend. 

I sure will miss him for 4 weeks, but its exciting to know that when he comes back, it will be to get married, go to SF and NAPA and then move together to DC. Whats 4 weeks in the grand scheme of things right???

This has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life.  We had one week to finish up marriage details that we both had to handle-- wedding rings, 2 marriage counseling sessions, wedding portriats (yes, I know we are horrible for seeing eachother pre-wedding), license, etc  PLUS hours sitting in my office every night trying to find housing.  We think we found something and it will work out -- but we have thought that 3 times now and it fell through, so we shall see !!!On top of that, DC is expensive and moving to DC is expensive! AND we have to decide when we are moving our furniture up.  It can't be done after wedding or immediately after honeymoon..... OH and the job search hasn't even begun! So, its been a stressful week....and despite my Joy over DC and pride in Dave, it has seemed like this is the wrong decision numerous times because of the crazy amounts of stress and details to be worked out!

BUT I truly think that this move is stressful and will be stressful for a few months while thinks like housing and jobs are being worked out...BUT in the long run, I think this move will be great.  We LOVE DC...We LOVE the idea of starting our lives together somewhere new.  And soon enough, we will have permenant housing and 2 jobs and not be separated.

So, despite our stress, we are still really really excited - about marriage, moving, life.  Even today, the Lord has answered some of our Prayers and we know He will continue to provide and protect us.

And despite the stress, I still want to be marrying this man :) I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.  Thats a good sign, I suppose!

So it will be a stressful 4 weeks, BUT in 4 weeks I marry my sweet Dave. Totally worth all the stress!

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  1. 4 weeks!! Ahhh!! So excited for you! I know that it will be hard being apart, but before you know it, your big day will be here!