Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are moving to.......

..........WASHINGTON DC!!!!!

After lots of applying and about a dozen interviews in Mississippi, Alabama, DC and Florida, we finally know where we are moving!  America's capitol city!!  That's part of why I have not been posting - because I knew a job offer was in the works but didn't want to speak until it was in our hands. WE ARE SO THRILLED TO KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING TO BE LIVING TOGETHER WHEN WE GET MARRIED!!!! (and how lucky for me that we are moving to what is literally my favorite city in America!)

And we are so grateful.  Sometimes what you want and what God wants is not identical and that's a tough pill to swallow. I've swallowed it many times :) But, this time it worked out the way we both wanted, even though we had no hope it would turn out this way. When we first started discussing a city we both would be interested in -- we disagreed on different cites (IE, I could not seem to sell Dave on Jackson!) but we were in agreement over DC. However, our assumption was that it would be impossible to get a job there, so with the exception of a couple applications, we focused on the southeast - and actually became quite content with the idea of living here.  I think everyone thought we would end up in Alabama somewhere, including us! (and I do think if we weren't taking this job, Alabama would still be a good option and Dave would receive some offers) 

But, in the last month, God literally opened doors for us to move to DC.  One of those random applications he sent turned into a job interview.  Dave decided he would apply to a few more on a whim to see if he could get maybe one more interview (it seemed silly to fly to DC for just one interview) -- and he got 3 more interviews.  So 4 interviews in 3 days in DC which happened quickly - and turned into an offer quickly - and now turned into a job quickly - to start quickly (next week!)

SO, as I said, we are THRILLED...and quite ANXIOUS as we scramble around to get details together.  Dave is literally moving to DC for 4 weeks, coming home for a wedding and honeymoon - and then going straight back! (I think I will come home, pack up and meet him in DC a few days later) We spent this weekend doing wedding/honeymoon stuff since we only had one week to finish marriage counseling, buy rings, etc.  We also had to finish making reservations for our honeymoon- tours, restaurants, etc. AND we needed to find Dave some temporary affordable housing for the 4 weeks he is there.

We are struggling to find housing for Dave and then for us -- sublet, short term lease, etc.  At very worst, Dave will book an extended stay hotel and look when he is up there.  We don't want to sign a 12 month lease until we know where I will be working....but if we have to, we have to. I also am about to start looking for a job. SO TONS OF DETAILS TO WORK OUT.

When I start to get stressed, I remind myself how excited we are -- and that when the details are worked out, we can relax and enjoy our new home! This is a blessing and an answered prayer -- and I wish Dave didn't have to start until after the wedding, but I am glad he gets to start working at all!  When God blesses, I can't complain that the details aren't the way I would have planned them.....and underneath all the stress, I am downright giddy to be moving to my favorite city with my favorite person.  20 year old Katy (who swore she would move to DC after her first summer in the city) would be so excited right now!

So, sadly, 4 weeks with Dave in DC and me in Mississippi (which I think he conveniently planned so he could avoid wedding stress !!!) --- but when he returns, it will be to marry me! SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

And, so much to pray for. We are praying for a good sublet for awhile as we figure things out (and preferably in a private apt, not subletting a room).  We are praying that I find a job soon after arriving there.  We are praying that we find a good permanent apartment to live in after the sublet! We are praying for good attitudes as we have both gotten discouraged a couple times so far with the stress of searching for rentals and jobs as well as packing up, moving and being away from each other.  We didn't anticipate our wedding and first married days involving living apart at all or living in a sublet, but the most important thing is that we will be married and starting our lives together.

OH AND IT MUST BE SAID, I am extremely proud of Dave. He is extremely talented. And while interviews in architecture are hard to come by, he has gotten a lot of attention.  I think his talent, his maturity and his work ethic make him marketable.  I am so excited for his new job and I am so excited for our life in DC!  Leaving Jackson is quite bittersweet for me - because I love my friends and family and life here, but I am grateful that we have a chance to make our life together somewhere all on our own.  Additionally, I always wanted to move back to DC and never would have done so, unless Dave pushed us to, so I am glad that he is challenging me to move out of my comfort zone.

So, it's going to be a BUSY month -- one month til we marry, a few days til Dave moves, my last 4 weeks of work, traveling to SF/NAPA, and a move to DC.  What a comfort to know our lives are in the hands of the Lord as we make these changes! And what a blessing to walk through these changes with my best friend!


  1. Congrats! I just got married in April and my fiance and I are moving to DC in the fall so I can start law school...we have a lot in common!

  2. Congratulations to you and to Dave!! I am so excited for you---and for now having a place to crash and a reason to come to DC! :)

    I absolutely love this line: "When God blesses, I can't complain that the details aren't the way I would have planned them..." SUCH a great lesson. I'm posting that on facebook and writing it in my journal! :)