Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MODIFIED Jumpstart to Skinny

I talk about fitness and health and post recipes, but rarely to I endorse a certain type of diet.  This is just a blog for fun, not one to advertise.  But, I think that if I did not share this diet with you, I would be doing a diservice! 

Remember how I posted the Skinny Rules (just general healthy living diet tips from Bob Harper?), He also has a new diet book out that Mom saw on the TODAY show and we literally purchased the day it came out. The book is meant to be a quick fix for an event, something to jumpstart you, etc. It's far too restrictive for daily life!  This is the meal plan he puts celebrity clients on for the 3 weeks prior to a runway event - and it's meant to cause quick weight loss (UP TO 20 POUNDS!!) and then you move to a more permenant diet plan.  HMMM, someone with an event coming up and still has about 8-12 pounds she wants to lose? SOUND LIKE ANYONE YOU KNOW?

I eat healthy MOST of the time.  I have lost some weight but stopped losing the past few weeks--partly because I had 3 parties and a baby shower and was moving....but I still wanted to get a bit smaller! So I thought what the heck? And 6 days in and I cannot speak highly enough about this diet.  I usually lose weight SLOWLY. very little triggers my body to lose weight (IE, 15 mile runs did nothing for me) and so far I have lost between 4-5 pounds!  That's huge for me!  I know the last 2 weeks will be slower, BUT still, if I come out of this having lost 8-10 pounds, I would consider in a big success.  I don't have 20 pounds that I want to lose so that would be extreme for me.

Here's the rules in case anyone else wants to try it!

#1 - Take control with proper proportions--40/40/20 - 40% protein/40% carbs/20% fat plus unlimited vegetables on Bob's freebie vegetable list that you want to eat. Carbs you can eat DO include whole grain pasta, oatmeal and others he includes in recipes. The protein is not all meat-based, and he lists other protein sources for this plan.

#2 - Cut back on calories: 800 calories for women & 1200 for men - plus any additional calories from Bob's recommended vegetables.

#3 - Eat no complex carbs (in whole grains) after breakfast - eat whole grains with breakfast foods.

#4 - Get rid of water weight by drinking more water - he explains reasons for this based on research and names other beverages that meet this requirement.

#5 - Get your electrolytes - ensure you have enough electrolytes - Bob recommends a mix he likes that is fairly inexpensive that you can add to water.

#6 - Do 45 minutes a day of low-intensity cardio, preferably before breakfast.

#7 - Five times a week, do 15 to 20 minutes of Bob's Jumpstart Moves. Part III of book has seven distinct routines you rotate with over 50 photos of Bob doing the moves.

#8 - Cut the salt - recommended salt amount is explained.

#9 - Take advantage of the restorative power of fish oil - preferred amount is listed and why.

#10 - Fall back on veggies - a list of recommended unlimited veggies for optimum weight loss is provided.

#11 - No fruit during week three - the fructose (fruit sugar) in fruit can slow down weight loss. That's the only food that changed for the last week.

#12 - Lay off all booze - for a number of reasons including calorie count to optimize weight loss.

#13 - An espresso a day ... or two or three - Bob lists other hot beverages also acceptable for this three week plan.

I follow this diet about 80-85% and I am not changing how I do it until it stops working.

Rules I follow perfectly: water, limited salt, no carbs after breakfast, 800 calories a day, no alcohol, veggies, etc.

I TRULY BELIEVE ITS THE ONLY WATER, LIMITED COMPLEX CARBS AND 800 CALORIES A DAY THATS WORKING!!! Before I limited my carbs a lot even at breakfast but I think this is kickstarting my metabolism and 800 calories is enough to function on but not enough to stall weightloss.

Ways I modified the diet- you aren't supposed to have artificial sweetners or creamer so most mornings I drink the espresso. Luckilly for me I have kroger brand crystal light with added caffeine and on the couple mornings I forgot my espresso, I mixed a caffeinated drink at work.  I figured it was better than a diet coke or coffee with creamer and sugar. ALSO, I sometimes am travelling or at a meeting, etc and can't eat his 40/40/20 so I eat a balance bar and a piece of fruit or veggies (those bars are 40/30/30 so I think its fine especially if you add more carbs (via fruit and veggies) which evens it out)  I've done that twice and have to do it again tonight as I will be on the road.

Oh, and he gives you recipes and some are really good, but sometimes (particularly at lunch) I find it so much easier to just cook chicken or fish and veggies and maybe fruit.

I walk most mornings before work although I have missed one morning and the walks have been cut short if I was running late.  But I try to keep exercise in my diet every day, although because I feel a bit weak on this diet, its usually only walking.

Anyways I plan on finishing this round, eating healthy for a few weeks and if I feel I need to slim up a bit for the wedding, doing a week or two of jumpstart again. 

I know its not a sustainable eating plan (thank GOD because it would be miserable to never have a dessert or piece of pizza!) but I think its great short term and highly reccomend it.  Hoping to lose 4-5 more pounds.  I highly suggest this diet book if you are looking to shed a few pounds before bikini season!


  1. 800 calories is VERY VERY dangerous and can actually screw with your period and your nails and hair. I tried something VERY similar and passed out in the middle of the day and had a severe headache Also, keep in mind, the weight comes back with a couple of extra too. Just be careful! Women should eat 1200 calories a day (even me, who is 4'11 and 115 pounds). I am on weight watchers now (for these pesky 10 pounds) and it's amazing. I don't eat all of my points and am never full. Lost 4 pounds the first week too. If a diet is too good to be true, is always is. Just be careful. Sadly I have been with many girls (and a couple of guys) who had eating disorders and it is not pretty. You are GORGEOUS...just the way you are!!! :)

    1. Well that's why it's a 3 week plan. I could never think it was healthy long term. Weight watchers doesn't work for me. And frankly it always pisses me off when my friends do WW and lose a lot and I do it for 8 weeks and lose one pound. Don't know why it doesn't work but I can do WW to maintain weight.

      I am fine gaining a couple pounds back thats to be expected. Ill switch back to 1200 a day after my 3 weeks are up!! This is so much healthier than a juice fast etc.

      I was weak the first day and went to bed early. Now I am fine.

      Thanks for your concern. I promise this isn't long term. And I'm doing it safely. I truly do believe that this is a good jump start or plateau buster I think that's what it did for me- jump started my metabolism and broke through that plateau!

  2. I have the same problem. Nothing I do drops any weight. Seriously, I don't know why. I am going to start this plan. Thank you for the review!