Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Extra cranberry sauce please

I am an INCREDIBLY practical person -- I love to see results. Currently I am dieting (losing those last 10-15 pounds) and I can fit into clothes I couldnt wear 3 weeks ago and I have lost inches but I have only lost maybe 5 pounds. I HATE THIS. I know part of it is that I have very little to lose so it goes slower. Part of it is that I am losing inches then my body drops the pounds, but I like to see the scale move down so I know I really am losing weight! I like the affirmation of a smaller number staring down at me each morning!

All that to say, I LOVE when you see God answer the smallest of prayers... I always find this as a small comfort that the Lord hears even my smallest requests for help... or for good things...if he hears those requests and can provide for small things - like a much needed afternoon off or when your money is tight for that month and you recieve a check in the mail for you old apartment's deposit. Little signs of God's blessings! Little signs he hears our smallest requests. Just like the scale moving down each day or week, its affirmation (that we arent guranteed and don't deserve) that God hears and loves us, that He can answer prayers and He can provide blessings...

I love to read Andree Seu at World magazine. She writes a blog almost every day and each day encourages me. One thing I admire about her is that she is involved in atleast one imate's life (maybe a couple more, I can't remember...) She corresponds with him and encourages him in his growing faith and he encourages others in the prison. One day he told her that his favorite thing in the cafeteria was "cranberry sauce" and while saying is prayers the day they were serving the sauce, he included the seemingly trivial request, "Lord, please can I have extra cranberry sauce..." He then thought nothing of it. Later that day, he sat down for dinner next to another gentleman. The man clearly did not feel well. He stared at his food then without touching it, got up and left. The inmate who had prayed for the sauce reached over and took the cranberry sauce from his tray. In a very real way, the Lord reminded him (and me when I read this!) that he can meet our smallest requests - so of course he can provide for our big requests too...

I have now begin taking the approach of praying for "extra cranberry sauce" most daily for myself, my family and my friends.

Sure, It would be nice if all my school loans were paid off - but just the small blessing of extra money one month is encouraging.
Sure, I would love to lose these last ten pounds quicker, but sliding into a pair of jeans that were too tight is encouraging.
Sure, some people are in pain with terminal illnesses that maybe the Lord has yet to heal, but receiving a weekend where the pain seems to be less is a small blessing.
Yes, I would love to have met the right man, but at times when I haven't been dating and am discouraged, a fun date (even with someone who turns out not to be Mr. Right) is encouragement from the Lord, an extra helping of cranberry sauce.

I also encourage you to read about Spurgeon's wife's request for a bird and an opal ring, made halfway as a joke, but God still stepped in and provided. I love this story.

Has anyone else seen extra helpings of cranberry sauce? furniture donated when they needed some? maternity clothes lent? a check comes in the mail at the right time?


  1. sounds like you need to rename your blog (:

  2. After I was laid off, I used to see my therapist basically for free since she is not covered by insurance...I gave her what I could afford...
    Once I was hired, I gave her a pretty sizable "donation"...to which, ironically, she gave to a family who needed it in New Zealand who needed it after the devastation this Spring.
    Ironically also, my attorney called and told me he had my check for a little over of what I paid my therapist from my former employer.