Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God's Timing

I highly recommend the book KING'S CROSS by Tim Keller. My favorite chapter so far is the one about Lairus. Remember him? He is the man who came to Jesus because his daughter was sick and Jesus delayed on the way back and she died. How heartbreaking that must have seemed for him -- if ONLY Jesus had hurried, maybe his daughter would have lived. But, as Tim Keller pointed out, he got more due to the waiting...He could have seen the Lord heal is sick daughter, instead he saw Him raise her from the dead. Both would make an impression on someone's life, but I bet the latter was even more impressive!

I have to remind myself of this all the waiting actually can reveal God's glory more, can grow my faith more, can be a testimony, God would actually be unkind if He didn't make us wait. He does it because he loves us...

God's sense of timing will counfound ours, no matter what culture we're from. His grace rarely operates according to our schedule. When Jesus looks at Jairus and says, "Trust me, be
patient,"in effect hs is looking over Jairus's head to all of us and saying, "Remember how when I calmed the storm I showed you that my grace and love are compatible with going through storms, though you may not think so? Well now I'm telling you that my grace and love are compatible with what seems to you unconsciounable delays." It's not "I will not be hurried even though I love you, ", it's "I will not be hurried because I love you. I know what I am doing. And if you try to impose your understanding of schedule and timing on me, you will struggle to feel loved by me."

King's Cross, p. 63

GO READ THE BOOK. Its one of his best yet.

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  1. I am reading it right now (I'm on chapter 9, so halfway), and I LOVE it!