Friday, August 26, 2011

"Katy" weekend

I have had a very busy 5 weeks -- hosted 3 showers, attended a bachelorette shower and was in an out of town wedding, attended my nephew's baptism, went on a youth retreat, etc, etc...I have decided that BEFORE the craziness of football season starts, I am going to have a relaxing weekend. Therefore, sometime in the business of last weekend, I declared this Katy Weekend.

My friend asked me if this meant I was not going to see any or my friends, I told him that of course I would see my friends - if they were doing something fun and relaxing, but if they weren't then no. Katy Weekend is simple really - no parties, no celebration, no gifts-- just being lazy AND getting stuff done that I need to do - like laundry. I can't wait til 5 today, ha...

With football season and all the travelling that goes along with that starting next weekend, I decided I needed to have some downtime this weekend. I LOVE throwing parties, but even I need a saturday off.

So here are my Katy Weekend plans... of course, since its my weekend, I reserve the right to change these plans and sleep all day if I want!

1. Movies on Saturday night -- any suggestions of a good one to see? I have seen the Help recently but not the Change Up or One Day...maybe those?

2. Sunday afternoon, I want to drink coffee at barnes and noble and read magazines....or go to a coffee store and read a book. I used to sit at the coffee store all the time when I was in law school - studying/meeting with friends/reading. Now I never do. It seems so relaxing to just sit and read there!

3. Laying out Saturday afternoon.... headed to the beach next weekend and even this late in the summer I don't have a good base tan...due to mono and work...time to work on that and take a nap!

(and yes that is what my body looks like in a bathing suit....)

4. Saturday Dinner out at one of my favorites, Mermaid Cafe on lake Caroline. and what a perfect excuse to wear lilly for one of the last times this season :)

side note - I love when football season starts and when I can wear sweaters and boots again, but I always get a little sad when white, searsucker and lilly must be put away.

5. Drinks on my porch tonight with these lovely ladies and others.

6. Sleeping in saturday morning and doing laundry...I cant beleive how excited I am about this.

So, what would you do if you declared a much needed "free" weekend for yourself?

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