Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few holiday notes.....

(1) Nothing is impossible with God  --- the author points out that this is a Christmas verse we often forget. Our salvation, Our sanctification, His provision, Healing, Forgiveness -- none of it is impossible with God.

(2) Also, isn't Jack so stinking cute? and so fat! LOVE those chunky legs.

(3) Also, if you are down this season (or even if you aren't), watch this video -- even in the midst of incredible trial, this family celebrated Christmas one last time

(4) Also, I am Christmas Party'd out. I had a bar association Christmas party last night and one last one tonight then home to Brookhaven for our annual game night/holiday get together with two other families and Christmas Eve/Christmas with our family. Its the first one with Jack so we are so excited, probably a LOT more excited than he is! 

With Christmas parties, I remind myself that this is a season. I love parties and after a few weeks recovering, I am going to miss the excitement! But towards the end of a long 4-5 wks, I am ready to spend a few nights on the couch in my pajamas!

(5) Here is the second post of the series I posted yesterday.

" Trying to bracket all we think we know about the coming of Jesus Christ, all that we have come to expect and demand, may very well help to open our eyes to the signs that Christmas has to offer. Might we have the courage to pray, really pray, that God with us might shatter our ideas and preconceptions, leaving us dazzled and more than a bit crazed? Do we have the hope to stand in the shattered ruins of our limitations? Can we pray that we might—beyond limits of what is possible for us—see the signs of Christmas, to really see them, as opportunities to notice what we may otherwise overlook, to hold what we otherwise would not touch, to love what we otherwise could not embrace? Might we not, in this way, begin to truly welcome God with us?"

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