Wednesday, December 28, 2011

January, come quickly

I LOVE football season and I LOVE Christmas, but to be honest, I am actually happy to see both come to an end.  Life is too busy during those seasons.  And usually I hate January and February, AND I may kick myself for saying this in a few weeks when I am bored, but I can't WAIT for January to get here.

Besides a trip to New Orleans for my birthday, the month is fairly event-free. I love the idea of relaxing and getting things done for the next couple months.  I am also excited for movie nights and drinks at Fennians and dinners with friends not travelling, parties and football games. We all need a break :)

January/February goals:
1. organize closet and throw stuff out!
2. Make a fabric headboard and buy a bedframe. (My bedframe broke during moving so I literally sleep on mattresses....)
3. Pick out fabric to have new bedding made.
4. Start running again (I am going to train for another half marathon)
5. get my prints framed for my bedroom
6. organize bathroom
7. Paint a chevron rug

lazy things to do:
1. movie marathons
2. go to the movie theater
3. sleeping in on saturdays
4. wine nights with friends
5. crafts

I have one more fun filled weekend in Dallas for New Years Eve then a lovely month of doing hardly anything. Can't wait!

what are you most looking forward to in the lazy winter months? Projects? Free time? getting life back in order?

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