Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FINAL thoughts on singleness: PLAN B


As I already said, mourn broken dreams and dissapointments (aka I would LOVE not to have wrinkles on my eyes at my wedding day, but 29 years of age will do that to you!) and then chose to have hope and be grateful for your many blessings...

...and finally, develop a DAMN good Plan B.

As scary as it may seem, what would you do if you never get married? How would you live your life?  What would you do if you don't get married until you are 35, 40, 45, etc???

It won't be the life you pictured, but what can you do to make it the best version.

I used to imagine being that weird single aunt spending holidays alone or with my sister and her family and feeling like a tag along...then I just decided that if I am single, I will spend some holidays with my siblings, some I will host at my house for family and friends and some would be spent travelling.  If it would be too painful to spend every holiday as another family's guest, then why not create my own holidays?

If I didn't have my own kids to spoil, I was going to spoil the heck out of my nieces and nephews... complete with a fun senior trip (SORRY Jack, Aunt KK can't likely afford that now ha)  And there was a good chance that I would still have a child because at a certain age, I planned to adopt one of the many orphans in the world that need a home.

If I never got married, I didn't want to become that old retired lady by herself, I wanted to go work in missions and use my freedom to contribute to God's kingdom.

Of course, don't think about your Plan B long, don't dwell on it, but when you get scared that life may be Plan B, imagine the best Plan B possible.  Lifelong singleness does not have to be cats and frozen dinners and lonely holidays. If you recreate the alternative in your head, then the alternative is a little less scary. :)


  1. My Plan B was almost the same!!

  2. Love this, just like all the rest, Katy! Poor Jack probably doesn't since he just lost his senior trip. Ha!


    1. Haha maybe I'll still take him on a trip so long as my kids aren't costing me an arm And leg haha

      But he's losing points today because he was playing with bubby, his idol (my brother) and I tried to hug him and he said "I want KK leave".

      Fail jack fail

  3. I have no problem coming up with a plan B. I just have a tendency to make it the worst plan B possible and then I dwell on it, too.

    And yay for adoption! I wonder if you still plan to adopt someday now that you're going to be married?

    1. Yes I still plan on adopting and having biological children. But if for some reason we can't have kids I'll adopt several! I want several kids however I get them :)