Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Living despite Fear

I don't know about y'all, but I am scared of a LOT.  I think I am at that age where I have lived long enough to experience enough disappointment and frustrations to keep me cautious, but not long enough to where I think "screw it,  what's taking this risk going to hurt??"  (Note: while I am not looking forward to aging, I am looking forward to getting old enough where your take on life is "why not" again)

So moving somewhere where I have to make new friends, get involved, find a job can be an overwhelming thought at times.  The sad thing is 8 years ago, it would have been an exciting thought.....but something about getting older makes us a bit more practical -- and in relation, a bit more frightful!

I am quite excited too, but I'm now practical enough to be to be somewhat fearful, which is why I was so glad to read THIS ARTICLE and I had to share.   The thing is, with all the blessings in life, even alongside the challenges, we could miss the good if we spend too much time in fear!

An excerpt from the blog post....

What do we miss because we’re afraid of being disappointed or inconvenienced? 

How often do we limit ourselves out of a fear of the messy and unpredictable? 

The call to discipleship is a call to live—today—the life that’s right in front of us.

And if it’s not about mercy or adventure, then maybe it’s about adhering to the faithful voice of God.  Huge decisions beg for direction that’s bigger than a pros and cons list.  Don’t avoid the radical, but do wait on God’s guidance.  Ultimately, despite the risks, all that matters is whether or not this is what God is asking us to do.  And if the spirit of God brings confirmation, then by all means, jump out of that plane.

We only have these few years on earth to love a broken world.  And it may be that we’re called in radical ways to get over ourselves and hug this place without letting go.
And it’s hard to do that if my fears are the loudest voices my soul hears.
God whispers, “Live.  Live. Live.”
Wake up and embrace a dangerous path, because we know who we are and we know the One who gives strength. You don’t have to get over your fears to fly—but you do have to recognize you’re more than what you’re afraid of. 

Climb mountains without fearing the altitude. Jump Even if you pee your pants on the way down.  Breath despite the pollution.
Live each day pouring out the grace that fills your lungs.
I love this --because the author speaks to my desire for adventure and my fear of taking risks now that my life is settled.  She doesn't scold us for being fearful, just encourages us not to let it dictate our lives. We are called to LIVE, not cower in be careful and discerning, but to jump out of the plane when we feel called.  I think its great to not want to take risks for risk's sake, BUT to embrace the life God has called us to and blessed us with means doing risky things....not only in life (moving, new jobs, etc) but in relationships, ministry, spiritually!
WE ARE CALLED TO LIVE...and fear is no way to live :)

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