Monday, June 10, 2013


Now that we know where we are moving (or in Dave's case already moved) and where we are living, I am so much less stressed.  Now that I am no longer apartment huting, I finally have the time to apply various places and I have just decided that with the exception of a few resumes being sent, I am going to job search AFTER I move for many different reasons:

(1) I am marrying my best friend and one of the best guys I know in less than 3 weeks...after waiting most of my 20s for him to show up! I do not want to miss out on the JOY and CELEBRATION of God's faithfulness because I am worrying about sending resumes!
(2) DC wants you to start quickly and I literally can't start until the 3rd week in July at earliest (and I am hoping August) because that's when I move to DC/ARLINGTON.  I am coming home after the honeymoon to pack up, say goodbyes, change my name, throw away old stuff, exchange any duplicate gifts, etc etc. If I apply for a job, I can't start in a week when they want me too. 
(3) Almost everyone I know says that its easier to find a job when you are up in DC because you are meeting people and already in the city and can literally start TOMORROW if need be.
(4) I will be moving us (I am splitting a moving van with my sister and her husband and son who are also moving up NORTH) So I will be back and forth between MS and DC --I fly up mid July then fly home beginning of August.  Dave can't be leaving work again after he left for the honeymoon and wedding, so as much as I don't want to be unemployed until August, I think that someone has to have the freedom to pack us up and move us to DC.  At the moment, Dave can provide the income and I can provide all the moving plans and details, so I want to be able to do that for us.

So, I anticipate not working until August. And yes this stinks, but in many ways, its frees me up, so I am quite grateful for the freedom to help us move and settle in!

So Job stress - gone. And I literally don't have much wedding stress.  I was stressed the past couple weeks as we got together final BIG details, but now its the homestretch, I trust the people who are planning our wedding and I trust my mom. And if we forget a detail, its small and doesn't matter and we will be married at the end of the day.  That's whats important. So when people ask if I am feeling nervous about the wedding, nope, not really. I'm just excited (oh wait, one bit of nervousness- I got a chemical peel and I have been nervous about my skin going back to normal in time ha!)

Also, other housekeeping notes: I am going to be changing my blog.  My namesake says it all: a 20something who lives in Jackson.  WELL, I won't be in my 20s but for 7-8 more months (gross) and I won't be in Jackson! SO...... it's time to move.  Although I will have some new topics to discuss, I still plan on talking about singleness, dating, marriage, etc.

I've mainly avoided cheesiness during this whole wedding ordeal.  No one really likes the girl who keeps a public countdown on her facebook wall or always gushes about her wedding, fiance, etc.  But the reality has hit me: in 18 days I am marrying my favorite person and in 16 days he comes home (he is quick to correct me that when I say "come home", I am wrong because our home in in DC now....but I think he's wrong, it can't be home until we both live there!)   So soon.

and, almost as importantly as the marriage/wedding, we get to go on a trip and relax in 19 days :)  For a life that has been as busy as ours has been this past month, a break is highly anticipated ha!

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  1. Ahhh! I'm so excited for you. You be cheesy, sister. You waited a long time to find him! Enjoy every minute of it!